Does The iPad Mini 4 Have The Best Tablet Display Yet?

Is the iPad Mini 4 has the best ever screen on a tablet?

At Apple’s iPhone 6s event held earlier this month, two brand-new iPads were announced along with Apple’s flagship phones. While the iPad Pro is super-sized with a 12.9-inch display, the 7.9-inch iPad Mini 4 is Apple’s attempt to build a premium small phablet that is as powerful as other iPads.

Team at Apple has brought in significant changes to the iPad Mini 3, which ran on an A7 chipset with 1 GB RAM while the iPad Mini 4 is powered by A8 processor and boosts of 2 GB RAM.

While the upgraded processing power of the iPad Mini 4 makes it as powerful as the iPad Air 2, the latest device’s display is the distinct attribute which makes it one of Apple’s best tablet displays ever!

Android fans keep comparing the OLEDs they’re used to versus Apple’s continued use of LCD, claiming LCD to be old-world technology. However Apple has proved time and again, that LCDs can be juiced so well, that they can produce excellent colours and depths.

And it’s not just the technology, it’s the technique, as Apple constantly proves, that makes an immense difference to the user experience.

Apple has opted for a fully laminated display and anti-reflective coating in its iPad Mini 4, holding on to the 2048x1536 resolution.

DisplayMate has examined the display, and suggests the display to be better than the previous generation iPad Mini in terms of colours and contrast.

The iPad Mini 4 flaunts a high performance display with a full and accurate 101% sRGB colour gamut.

While the screen reflectance of the widely available tablets in the market ranges from 5 to 6.5%, Apple’s brought it down to 2.5% with the iPad Air 2, and have further reduced it to 2% with the iPad Mini 4, making it the lowest that has ever been measured in any mobile display. With a lower screen reflectance, the display offers consistent use to its users without interruption, even when they use it in sunlight.

The factor that manifests the exceptional display performance improvement in real world viewing conditions is the contrast in ambient light which is reportedly 2.5x to 3.2x higher than most other tablets. The iPad Mini 4 also has the highest contrast rating for high ambient light of 225.

All these improvements are significant and have substantially helped in enhancing the brightness, lowering the black levels, better the colour accuracy.

All the right ingredients, and then some. Clearly, the display on the iPad Mini 4 is one of Apple’s best ever screens. It must be seen to be appreciated — don’t just rely on online reviews — go check one out for yourself). It’ll change the way you see things!

Originally published at Chip-Monks.