HTC May Not Be Hanging Up Their Boots With Nexus Just Yet

Huawei might be the choice for the next Google Nexus after HTC.

After a false start, it’s pretty much been held with certainty in the last couple of months that HTC will be making this year’s Nexus devices.

Google the Android giant, makes two Nexus smartphones each year — one, a ‘P’ version which is the high-end version, and one that’s the ‘X’ version, which is usually the more affordable one.

It was towards the end of April that the rumours started buzzing of HTC having two new Nexus devices this year, and over time it had become almost certain.

But maybe HTC should wait for a little before hanging their boots with Nexus just yet.

In a statement issued earlier this week, almost unintentionally, by Charlene Munilall, General Manager for Huawei’s Consumer Business Group in South Africa, Huawei seems to also be working on a Nexus device for the year.
 The statement was issued in an interview with Gear Burn, at the launch of a new trio of smartphones by Huawei. Neither Huawei nor Google has backed the statement yet.

The statement, of course, has the tech world tripping.

Putting aside the credibility of the statement for the moment, let us see what it would mean if it were true. Huawei last year did make the Nexus 6P for Google, and the devices have been undoubtedly the best received Nexus device as yet.

The critical reviews, the design, the sales, all speak for it. A few people might call the phone a little too big for their liking, but overall the pros outweigh the cons. It’s smooth, it’s edgy, and people want it. If the statement by Munilall is true then Huawei could be behind another Nexus device this year.

Let’s look at it from the perspective of Google; what’s in it for them, and what’s not. If Google goes with HTC, they’d be going back to the company that made their first ever smartphone, the Nexus One. Back in 2010, the phone was the ultimate Android handset, on paper. In reality, there were a lot of kinks that Google had to work out. And over the years, Google certainly has!

As of today, going with HTC gives Google an upper hand.

The Taiwanese company has been struggling in the last year, and Google recently has been indicating that it wants more control over the Nexus devices. Going with HTC might give it that. It might get to have more influence over the design, over the features, and the overall Nexus experience, if it were to go with HTC.

On the other hand, with Huawei, Google might get to use the expertise that it displayed with the Nexus 6P device. Google has certainly been very satisfied with the Chinese company and their collaboration last year. It would be a safe bet for Google to go with Huawei since a certain quality and standard has already been established.

On the other hand, Google might be wanting to explore more option with the motive of expanding beyond these certain quality standards; it might give Google chance to try something new.

While none of this has been officially confirmed by any of the companies involved, the speculations are obviously piling on. One thing can be speculated with certainty, though, that Google would be bringing out two new Nexus devices this year.

Now, whether it goes with HTC or Huawei, or with both, is yet to be seen.

My money is on Google going with both; the security of Huawei as a brand, and the ability to have greater influence over the product with HTC.

Originally published at Chip-Monks.