credit: the Fermyon team

Turso powers Fermyon Cloud’s NoOps SQL Database

With Turso, deploying Wasm applications to Fermyon Spin gets database powers. Read on to learn how.


“Turso is a game changer for platforms looking to expand their offer with data access. It is highly embeddable and can work locally without any setup. For Fermyon Cloud, we needed a solution that gave users a lower latency experience, and Turso was a great fit given it runs on the edge, allowing us to place our storage close to users’ compute.” — Matt Butcher, CEO

Fermyon is the company defining the next wave of Cloud Computing. They built the Spin Framework, an open source framework for building and running event driven microservice applications with WebAssembly. Spin enables developers to go from shell prompt to deployed application with minimal effort..

Spin allows developers to write code in the language of their choice, which is compiled to Wasm and can be run almost anywhere. There are Spin implementations for local development, for self-hosted servers, for Kubernetes, and for cloud-hosted services.

Fermyon Cloud is the easiest and quickest way to deploy Spin applications. Fermyon does this by providing a fully managed platform called Fermyon Cloud. As part of that stack, Fermyon Cloud offers a natively integrated database available with minimal configuration, increasing its appeal to developers building full-stack applications.

After verifying code works locally, there should be no surprises when deploying to production. Turso is a good fit for this for two reasons:

  • It’s built on top of libSQL (a fork of SQLite), which is exceptionally easy to embed and distribute as part of a suite of development tools, providing its own SDKs for queries (JavaScript, Python, Rust, and Go).
  • It operates in production with a network-enabled server (sqld) that offers the same functionality as embedded libSQL, using the same SDKs.

These attributes are what makes Turso a natural choice for Fermyon to adopt for their NoOps SQL DB feature.

The Turso platform is API-based

Management of Turso databases is all performed using a fully-documented API, which makes it easy to integrate into cloud and edge platforms that want to offer database services.

Every operation done on any Turso database, such as creating, deleting, or replicating databases, is available over the API. There is no need to manage any of the infrastructure, backups, provisioning, or replication.

This translates to a short time-to-market, as described by Fermyon’s Senior Product Manager, MacKenzie Olson:

“We knew we wanted to offer native SQLite databases to our users, but the prospect of implementing all the infrastructure to support this was daunting. Turso allowed us to go-to-market in only a few months. No other solution could have gotten us there this fast” — MacKenzie Olson, Senior Product Manager

How does it work

Using a SQLite database managed by Turso on the Spin Framework is simple. With minimal configuration and perform queries like this:

import {Sqlite} from “@fermyon/spin-sdk”
const conn = Sqlite.openDefault();
const result = conn.execute("SELECT * FROM todos WHERE id > (?);", [1]);
const json = JSON.stringify(result.rows);

Once a project is deployed to Fermyon Cloud, a new Turso database will be automatically provisioned and made available for you.

Get started with Fermyon Cloud today

NoOps SQL Database using SQLite, powered by Turso, is available for local development today. To deploy to Fermyon Cloud, sign up using their waitlist.