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Insight #4

Thomas Despin, travelling around the world by bike

From Bordeaux, France. Currently in Budapest.

The Insights Journey (TIJ) features one new open-minded entrepreneur or creative who is serving a mission they believe in. One meeting. One insight.

10 months ago, Thomas Despin left everything behind to follow his dream : to travel the world. He had no money then, but a deep desire. After 4 months time he left his business and his apartment to launch Startup Cycling : cycling around the world from Bordeaux to San Francisco.

“ For months I thought about leaving everything behind to travel the world. Each time, the idea of not having money to do so stopped me. One morning though, I woke up and looked at things differently. Could someone do it without money? Yes. I had to choose : travelling by foot or by bicycle. Following this statement, I decided I could to do it by bicycle. I launched the project Startup Cycling. 12 months later, I have crossed 15 countries and cycled almost 5.000 miles. I learned how to do videos, how to create websites and how to find sponsors. Since then, I am driven by a new mindset : learning by doing. ”

*insight* If you are still wondering if you are right or wrong, you are wrong again — Reject the obstacle rather than silence the desire. You may be amazed by the possibilities.

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