Australia, March 2015.

Reading This Article Will Change Your Life Forever

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Then you’ll tell me: Can We Really Live in The Now?

I would have probably did the same as you and clicked on this article. The more I think about it and the more I think I will always do.

Does that mean that we would like to see our life changing for ever? Does that mean that we are attracted by the unknown? Or does that mean that we believe that somebody figure something out that we don’t?

Why do we bet on promises?

Yesterday I read the fifty first pages of «The Power of Now», by Eckhart Tolle. Maybe you read it too. It is a contemporary spiritual master shows how living in the present leads to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.

I lay down in the bed of a motel to Stratford, in Canada. I was in the middle of a bike tour where I go from New York to San Francisco. Why? For the same reason for which I would have clicked on this article: a mixture of curiosity, a desire of learning and the feeling that maybe it would help me to figure something out on life.

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During the first pages of this book «The Power of Now», something caught me. I always knew I was an over thinker but I was wrong. I am not my mind. I probably spent 27 years of my life being a thinker instead of just being. Until the moment I read these pages, I always relied on my thoughts. I was allowed define by my past or by the woman I want to be. By travelling I lived moments in the now and during which I felt whole and complete. Then the moment left and I continue to read books and articles, to write and to think as I always make it and will make it probably always.

The human being was made with thoughts. Shall we be never human if we could live in the now every moment of our life? Shall we work, love, care, create the way we do? Should we even work, love, care or create if we can live in the present moment, breathing and observing the person we are and the world around us?

You clicked on this article as if something called you to do so. You were probably sure that it won’t change your life – so why give it a try?

You are wrong. Whatever you think of this article, you are wrong. Because the matter is not to think, but to be. To be conscious that whatever we believe, we feel, we know, this is nothing compared of being.

None of our answers are written somewhere. None of my articles means something or made me the person I am today.

Today I am just someone somewhere in the world, trying to figure out something that can’t be. Thoughts can’t be figure it out. Life can’t be.
We are, and that’s all.

If you try to understand a relationship, to lead a career, to make a decision, to have money or whatever it can be, call back you to inhale, to empty your mind and that none of these things really matters now.

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Because beyond all, we remain the same and we are all the same. A human being trying to understand things which will never really be.

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