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Taking the time is saving time

Startup Cycling: 25/120

On March 30th, 2016, I joined Thomas Despin to cross the United States from New York to San Francisco by bicycle. One of our common objective is to improve our discipline, by making every day, for 120 days. He makes videos, I write articles.

I’m often in a rush. For instance right now while I am writing this article before going to bed. Thomas and I have 50 miles to cycle tomorrow and I am in a hurry to go to sleep.

I’m often thinking about the next thing to do. This is what I do all day when I think about the next exit to take, the next city to cross or the next stop to pitch our tent.

I often put a lot of expectations on myself. I should be able to write one article in 30 minutes, I should cycle for 35 miles par day or I should end cycling before 6pm.

I often calculate the remaining time. When I wish for something or when I do something, my mind tries to evaluate how much time I have to achieve the thing.

All of these things are a waste of time. It prevents you from living in the moment.

Yesterday, as Thomas and I cycled for our sixth consecutive day, I felt the need to pause. My first reaction was to push me harder and to silence my mind:

“You have 20 miles to go. You have to continue at any price.” said the mind.
“What for?”

I asked myself. At this moment, I had two options: 1- I could stop and rest or 2- I could continue and remain tired.

The first option is a solution: it allows me to stop the fatigue. The second one aggravates the problem: my fatigue will be even worse with time and efforts.

I chose option 1. Result: yesterday I cycled 9 miles in 2 hours - but today, I did 43 miles in 5 hours.

I often think I’m running out of time.

But I have to focus on the way I’m using my time instead of the way I could save it.

The important is to live fully and serenely what I’m doing in the present, instead of thinking about what the time saved will allow me to do in the future.

Aware of the fact that taking time is one of the best ways to save it!

Press on the ❤ if you ❤ it!

This article is originally featured on Startup Cycling.

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