The One Question You Have to Ask Yourself to Know What to Do NOW

Be careful with wrong questions, it leads to wrong answers.

“I don’t know what to do now.”

How many times do we hear something like that ? Often, the conversation starts with “What do you want to do ?”

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know ? You may want something.”

“I’m not sure.”

Action is a valuable thing. Everybody would tell you : “Less talk. More action.” or “Do something, you’ll figure out then.” or “Discovering by doing.”

And so you are. Craving for action. Ready for doing. But you have no fucking idea about what to do now. You’re not driven by passion, neither than full of imagination, you don’t need something in particular, you’re just here. Waiting.

And THAT’s the thing. THAT is the question.

“What are you waiting for ?”

It happens that we get through moment when we choose to do nothing. Human mind though, use to challenge you : What are you doing ? And “nothing” seems to be an inadmissible answer. Your mind, your fellows, the world around seem to be programmed for action. Everything around seems to be waiting for you to do something. Anything.

What about you ? What are you waiting for ? Are you waiting for the universe to tell you what to do ?

When you don’t know what to do NOW, ask yourself :

“What am I waiting for ?”

Because when you will know what you’re waiting for, no matter if you’re waiting for inspiration, meeting, chances, or anything else, you will realize there is always something to be done while waiting.

Because behind “waiting for something” is always “looking for something”.

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