What freedom is really about

Give up the need to understand and to be understood

Is there anything more important than to be and to love ?


Simply “be” is one of the things the most difficult to experience. Meditation is an exercise which requires some patience and to let go. To live in the moment supposes not to let thoughts of the past or anticipation of the future to interfere. To accept the present moment as the only truth is not easy.


Love has several forms. It comes from the inside before going towards the other one. Real love is deep and simple. Love without fear of losing, without fear of the lack, without fear of others eyes is a state that we feel when we succeed in letting go to just feel.

What takes away us from the acceptance and from love is the need to understand and to be understood.

The truth is: we can skip directly to the acceptance of things such as they are, and to the love of one as the other one, without understanding.

We spend a lot of mental energy to try to understand life. We grew up in a society which spreads certainties on the right way to live our life: what to buy, how to work, what to look like; that we feel more and more the need to question the common sense to find ours. Mystery is part of the world’s creation, and we tend to deny this truth.

We spend a lot of mental energy to understand the other one, while we are all appreciably and infinitely different: our DNA, our education, our experiences, our personality, are so many complex things which makes quite impossible the perfect understanding of others.

To understand is an illusion. To understand is a perception. To understand is an opinion.

We can live in the present, if we accept the past such as it is.
We can help the other one, accept the other one and support the other one without understanding, if we love.

And wouldn’t be that, the real freedom?

Our capacity to ACCEPT and to LOVE - Life, the other one? - Without letting our need to understand and to be understood giving us of thoughts which exist only in our spirit.

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