Decentralized is the way to go

Throughout my journey over the last 18 months, I've spoken a lot about how the decentralized nature of blockchain could revolutionise the way people interact with each other. How the ability to send data transparently and securely from one destination to another, via lightning fast speeds will be the future. And, why I truly am in love with this technology, I feel for it even as much as that last Rolo… okay almost.

One such project, the Friendup Cloud OS, could revolutionise the way people engage with cloud-based computing systems. Erasing the boundaries drawn by existing services, and with ease. We all love telling every soul on the planet about how the ‘Five Pillars’ of Friend (Freedom, Intelligence, Empowerment, Privacy & Integration) will make their tech secure and super powerful.

But why is a decentralized system the way forward???

I know a lot of you will know the benefits of decentralization as a whole, that’s why I’m going to dive more into the reasons why this structure is so potent when applied to cloud-based operating systems.


Reliability is a thing we all take into account when buying a product or using a service. Like a pair of strong boots, or your go-to kitchen knife, (you know, that meaty sharp one you would use to cut a frozen steak if required!), we want cloud operating systems to be something you can depend upon.

Using a decentralized network allows the juice that powers your Friend applications to come from multiple places across the network. Unlike bigger centralized services, the server space will be provided by any CPU that is a part of the network, not one big hub! This means you’ll have more juice to power your software/games/meme archives, AND, unless everyone on the Friend network turns off at the same time, the servers won’t ever be down. 24/7 uptime? Yes, please.


Image courtesy of Wikipedia and anonymous. *They have no affiliation with this, partly because, well, they wanted to be anonymous…

Privacy for you and your data is hugely important to all of us. That’s why, before your device has even been stored on the Friend server, you’re an encrypted ghost. No meddling kids are going to pull your mask off, only you can choose if, how, and when you want to expose your identity.

Not to mention the fact that an external third party has already carried out a penetration test and the project passed. Want your disguise guaranteed for Halloween and beyond? The Friend team even established a partnership with said company that will ensure a high level of security on all things across the network.

With this in mind….. never say never, and sometimes attacks happen. That’s why being decentralized is so important to them. It means if one part of the network is hacked you are safe from harm. Doing the grunt work on this are the JavaScript applications they have that secure sandboxes with restricted access to certain functionalities. This guarantees a safe interaction between various applications running on a single device. They’ve also got the hard as nails SSL/TLS encryption on all communication between the clients and the servers. They have really done their homework here, and I like it, a lot.


*Superpowers such as: flight, invisibility, the ability to control time, super-strength etc. are not guaranteed but please write in if experienced

On the move and want to access something on your PC? If you can get onto an internet browser, you can access the Friend OS. From mobile to desktop, tablet to laptop, if it connects to the world wide web you’re in!

This means you can work collaboratively, in real time, from anywhere around the globe, whenever you want. They give us the power to manage and adapt straight into our palms and your fingertips.

The decentralized ecosystem is exactly what makes this part tick. With all the combined powers from everyone in the network, you can easily run high-consuming software and applications on your mobile device without a hitch.

In summary, whether you are an individual, a workforce, an educational body, a Sudoku creator or a government office, Friend enables all of us to come together and never have to wait for that edit permission to be given, or that email to arrive with the attachment missing.

This is the 21st Century, it’s now time our technology matched the ambitions.


Ps. You can check out the Friend OS at as of right now.