Seeking The World’s Greatest Growth Marketer ✊🌏💛

Imagine how epic it would’ve been to work at Apple six months before the launch of the Iphone.

We need a growth marketer to take Choice to the moon 🚀

Choice is revolutionising payments in New Zealand and abroad. We’ll redirect millions of dollars to Charities and save money for businesses. We’re a game-changer, are you?

It’ll be your job to shout from the rooftops about Choice. You’ll have free reign on ludicrous ideas, whether that be making videos, organising events, or skydiving from a plane in a giant kiwi suit — whatever you need to do to get New Zealand excited and pumped to use Choice every time they pay.

Our Cult-churr 👫

We are driven by our vision “To empower the world to choose purpose over profit”. Captain planet is our superhero. We combine our powers as a force for good. We stand for the planet and people. With our powers combined we can change the world.

#thisischoice ✊ 🌏 💛

We are more energy than an energiser battery. We know how to make things cool. We know how to have as much fun as humanly possible. When the surfs up, we drop everything. We celebrate our wins. We don’t settle for the status quo.

Who we are manifesting 🔥

It’s hot outside — we need someone who is thirsty. Thirsty to do things that have never been done before. Thirsty for change. Thirsty for an opportunity to unleash all their creative energy into wicked marketing campaigns, events, and anything that helps get the word out to New Zealand about Choice.

The skills this human has ⚡️

Campaign activator 🚀

We need someone with big ideas who can execute. Think of the challenge as launching Noah’s Ark to the Moon 🤔 has it ever been done before? Nope. We need someone who can build the ship with us and get everyone on board. Have you read The Power of Moments? Made something go viral?

Videographer 📽

We aren’t talking 1080p HD, we are talking mobile, fast quality content — you will know who Gary Vaynerchuck is or be best buds with Robett Hollis.

Fantastic copywriter 💯

“music is what happens between the notes” — J.S.Bach. We believe influence is what happens between the words — this is how we create a movement.

Email marketer 🖨

You know how to navigate Mail Chimp & Typeform as if it was like riding a bike.

Communication strategist 📲

We have lots of friends! We need someone who can clearly and effectively connect with each and every one of them. Imagine being spiderman in real life and building a web :spider:

PR 📆

Our team is full of game changing individuals. We have a lot to share about our mission and we need you to be connecting us to spaces where our thought leadership can shine — meetups, awards, events, you name it.

Knowledge sponge 🤓

Does your reading list look like ours? Chapter One, The Lean Startup, Made To Stick, The Tipping Point, Hacking Growth, The Obstacle Is The Way, To Sell Is Human, Hooked?

Should you choose to accept the mission 🚀

We have to think different. Create things that have never been done before. Challenge the status quo. Work with the best people. Throw the ball out as far as we can, see if we can get to it and most of all enjoy the journey.

If you’ve made it this far we want to see what you would do to change the world in 60s. Send us a video in a Google Drive folder — short, sharp, crazy, exciting, wonderful, grounded, bold, brave, viral, we want to see you in action.

Accepting applications until 25th February 2019.

Flexible hours 20–40 hours per week.



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