Choon update February 2018

Dear Choon supporter,

It’s time for another update from Choon Headquarters. Our technical team is working hard on our Beta product, while the rest of us are on-boarding artists at a frantic pace. We’re feeling like proud parents as our catalog expands! We want to make sure every artist who signed up for the beta access has a shot at having their music on Choon. We’re working night and day to get through everyone’s submissions. If you are an artist interested in having your music on Choon for the Beta launch, you can pre-register here. But hurry! We’re closing the sign up list soon.

It’s extremely important for us to have a functioning product prior to our token sale later this Spring. We’re happy to say that we’re on track to go live in the next eight weeks.

We’ve also made big moves on the advisory front as we continue to build our dream team. This month, we’re happy to welcome the following people, George Li (CEO & Co-founder of, Alvin Jiang (VP of Product & Engineering at TenX), Cindy Charles (music & digital media lawyer extraordinaire), and Jeremy Seow (Senior product Manager at Zendesk). Alvin and Jeremy resides in Singapore and are experts on the Asian blockchain market.

We’ve been causing quite a stir in the media lately. There are fantastic articles on us that are featured on CoinDesk, NME , MUSIC ALLY, TechRadar , Record of the Day , The Memo , NewsBTC, and Cryptona. They love us!

On the community side, we’ve finally launched a public Telegram, which you can find here. We’ll be actively chatting on Telegram everyday to talk about developments in real time. Remember, you can also find us on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

Last but not least, here is a detailed Q&A video with co-founder, Gareth Emery, and the students at Los Angeles’s leading music production school, Icon Collective. It covers a variety of topics from blockchain rudimentals to the music industry as a whole. It’s well worth a watch to dive deeper into the minds behind Choon.

Big love to everyone who continues to support us on this mission.

The Choon Team