New Feature: User Levels and Permissions

We’re pleased to release today the first set of features related to a user’s current NOTES balance on Choon. Starting today, across the platform, a badge will appear beside a user entry based on their current NOTES balance:

User badges, and the required balance to earn each level.

Now when viewing a list of top tracks, or a list of tracks in a playlist the listener can easily determine which tracks are from major Choon artists:

A sample top tracks listing with user badges.

Not only do these badges serve as a visual indicator that someone has been successful on Choon, it indicates that they are currently holding the NOTES they’ve earned. This functions as a simple form of staking, and alongside earning one of these badges, holding a sufficient balance will also unlock other advanced platform features.

The first of these features is custom artist profile headers and is available at the 250K NOTES level (green badge). As an example, here is Darude with a custom header:

Darude’s artist profile with a custom header image.

As we add more customization options to the platform, some of those will be made available only at certain NOTES balance levels. This way we can reward Choon’s main artists and highlight their support to everyone on the platform.