Choosing Eco
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Choosing Eco

Where To Start

Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

Step 1: Choose to make the eco-friendly journey.

Step 2: Determine what your immediate goals are.

  • Reduce plastic bag usage at home
  • Reduce paper product overuse (paper towels, napkins)
  • Use washable, reusable food storage containers
  • Transportation: Take public transit, drive electric or hybrid cars
  • Home: Improve your home with climate change friendly improvements (Energy Star products, better insulation, solar)
  • Low or Zero Waste lifestyle

Step 3: Immediate things to do now

  1. Buy reusable tote bags for shopping (they can be used for more than just groceries!). Tip: Keep some in your car, some at home for walking/ biking trips.
  2. Get a hot/ cold cup for water and coffee.
  3. Find a store where you can buy bulk foods. Grocery chains like Whole Foods, Sprouts, Fresh Thyme, and others offer some bulk food selections.
  4. Start composting your food scraps.
  5. Skip the paper towels, use cloth napkins, rags and towels.
  6. Follow other climate-friendly publications: Climate Conscious
  7. Follow tags on Medium: Sustainability, Eco Friendly, Climate Change

The Next Step: This is an evolving list!



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Michael Robert

Michael Robert


Publisher of The Pop Culture Guide, Choosing Eco, and Tales of a Solopreneur. Editor for Climate Conscious. Writer and communications consultant.