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Zero Waste Challenge — Week 24

Another week, less waste!

Not as much to report this week as we successfully reduced waste on all fronts. A large part of this was that we did an intermittent fast Monday through Friday afternoon — so we ate natural foods, no take-out, no sodas or alcohol, and ate leftovers. This significantly reduced any extraneous waste.

(However, we then indulged in pizza and beer on Friday night)

Here are our totals for the week, rounded up to the nearest 25%. (Now skewed with a small cart)

Trash: 25%

Organics: 50%

Recycling 1: 50%

Recycling 2: 0%

Extra: None



Every day you are faced with decisions. Many of those decisions have an impact on our planet. Whether that impact is small or large, Choosing Eco is here to help make those decisions easier. Choosing Eco is choosing our future, together.

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Michael Robert

Publisher of The Pop Culture Guide, Choosing Eco, and Tales of a Solopreneur. Editor for Climate Conscious. Writer and communications consultant.