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Zero Waste Challenge: Week 7

Week 7

Last week I talked about how Hello Fresh has a trash problem. This week was another week of increased trash — but this time, it was recyclable and compostable.

Thanksgiving was different this year as it was for many others around the country. In the efforts to support local business, we purchased a prepared meal from a local restaurant. Restaurants, and other in-person businesses, have largely been shutdown for another few weeks following an updated order from Gov. Walz.

Because of that, we chose to skip on baking a traditional Thanksgiving day meal and celebrated by buying a meal from Mill Valley Kitchen. We were thrilled with their offering and split the meal with another family. The best part of their take-out process (other than the great food) was their container usage. The tops of the containers were all acceptable plastic for recycling and the base were all commercially compostable. This was really wonderful to see and I’m pleased with that result knowing that we left little waste.

Here are our totals for the week, rounded up to the nearest 25%.

Trash: 25%

Organics: 75%

Recycling 1: 100%

Recycling 2: 75%

Extras: 3 bags of yard waste

Recycling Tip Of The Week:

This is from Hennepin County’s “RecyclingReminders” Email on 11/27/2020

Be aware of ‘greenwashing’ when you buy and use items. Greenwashing is when companies use environmentally friendly words on non-compostable products. Words like “eco-friendly,” “all natural,” “biodegradable,” “made from plants,” or visuals like using green colored packaging or leaf/nature icons are used to insinuate “naturalness” or “sustainability.” There are no regulations regarding the use of these terms or visuals used for advertising products.

Sometimes greenwashing can be very obvious, and other times more research may be needed. Look for the BPI logo, if it is not on the package itself, lookup the product up on BPI’s website to verify compostability. Likewise, an item that says it’s made from recycled paper, like a to-go box, does not mean it’s recyclable.



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Michael Robert


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