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Zero Waste Challenge — Week 9

Week 9

Not much of an update this week, our trash and recycling loads were fairly minimal. One tool we have been using lately is called Remark.

Remark is a tool for social engagement with companies and brands concerning their sustainable practices. Whether that is positive or negative. We’ve found this quite useful to contact companies, local and online, about things we love or dislike about our experiences with them.

We use it locally in particular when we get takeout and the containers are either black plastic (which can’t be recycled because they aren’t read by optical scanners) or don’t use recyclable or compostable containers.

Remark is working on an app to be released once it’s out of it’s beta, but right now you can use their text based approach which is easy. Use Remark to contact companies on your behalf — and remain anonymous if you prefer.

Here are our totals for the week, rounded up to the nearest 25%.

Trash: 25%
Organics: 50%
Recycling 1: 50%
Recycling 2: 100%



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Michael Robert

Michael Robert


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