American Disease Reaches Supreme Court

Steve Pettiway (free file)

There was a time when the Supreme Court of the United States was held in very high regard. They were the interpreters of the Constitution. They were bound only to the law and, since they were appointed for life, they were no longer responsible to any party or political view. They were beyond that.

No more.

That’s long gone. If you had any doubts they left with the Bush — Gore decision, when the Conservative justices, who had always deemed that states rights were paramount, decided that in that case they were not. The reason they gave was that they wanted their guy to win.

Now, in the service of finding a way for his party to win, our Chief Justice declared that science is too complicated, and even though he has a couple of degrees from Harvard, all this science stuff, even when explained by a very respected and admired scientist, is just some kind of Gobbledygook. You know, all those numbers, and formulas, even using computers; so hard to understand.

What Mr. Roberts does understand is that the Republicans used many computerized algorithms to draw the lines of voting districts so that they would almost always win Congressional elections, even when the Democrats got more votes across the state. That much he understood. That was the justice he wanted to preserve.

The American Disease is the a consistent form of anti-intellectualism. It’s the kind of down-home, common-sense thinking used by Sarah Palin and that crew. They rally behind the stance that if you have to think about something, then it must be wrong. They know the world is flat — just look at the horizon. Shucks, you don’t need a computer to know how to draw lines. Who would bother with that?

Of course, we are living in the 21st Century when everyone does that. Everything, from what we buy, to our medicine, to our workplace, and even most of our entertainment is composed and driven by computerized design and management.

But since the folks who wrote the Constitution didn’t mention anything about computerized Gerrymandering, then there can’t be anything wrong with it. That’s clear.

Unless the Democrats do it.

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