Amy? I’m Skeptical

Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

A lot of people are predicting, expecting, that Joe Biden will win the election. Trump and his gang seem to realize they don’t have a chance at winning a majority of voters, not even close, but they are working the state legislatures and courts to discredit enough ballots or keep enough people away from voting to steal a few key states. To Republicans, democracy is just an obstacle to overcome on the way to power.

But, even most Republicans now seem to believe that Trump will not get a second term. That’s why they are gloating about stuffing the courts, and really proud of their latest achievement, Amy C. Barrett.

Justice Barrett, who was rushed through the Senate, was confirmed by the votes of 52 Republican Senators who represent about 44% of the American voters. That’s the reason for all the gloating. They know they are a minority. They know that they have only managed to remain in power by changing the rules, bending the rules, breaking the rules and then just plain cheating.

They also now have a strong feeling that their days in power are coming to a close, and they may not be back for a while.

That is why they are rejoicing about their firm hold on the Supreme Court, especially with Justice Barrett who has not disclosed any knowledge of the Bill of Rights, but who seems to be a strong believer in corporate rights, and that making money is the reason America exists. She will make sure that all of McConnell’s donors will be paid back in full. She will try to keep Trump out of jail, and maybe keep him as be President if she gets the chance.

She has made it clear, by going to all of those welcoming parties at the White House, which side she is on. Justice Roberts didn’t go. Justice Thomas did.

They couldn’t have done it without Trump’s raging racism, or without pitching to the anti-abortion crowd that any union to two cells constitutes a life, and any woman who had sex has to take full responsibility for her wanton behavior, because that’ what men do.

But the real intent of getting Justice Barrett on the court by today was to keep America tied to the 20th Century, and maybe to the 19th, if they can pull it off. To them, government has no business doing anything that private business can do, except raising an army and keeping Black people in their place

Heathcare, nope.

Voting rights, not for Democrats

Money in politics, the more the better, but keep it hidden

Civil Rights — the 3/5 rules was good for the Originalists

Women’s rights — let the men decide.

Worker protection — they can always quit and get a new job for less money

Product safety — buyer beware

Environmental restrictions — good, unless they eat into profits

IF Biden wins, which hasn’t happened yet, how much can he do to bring America into the 21st Century. There are so many new problems that haven’t even been articulated yet that are complex and need attention. But first Biden et al, IF they get the chance, will have to try to get Americans to trust their government again. Something that the Republicans have pushed hard against since Reagan.

Then he has to show some results that beneefit the Amrican people.

AND ALSO: there is this virus going around……..



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