Biased, but Perceptive Views of Amy C. Barrett

She’s a good girl, loves her mama, Loves Jesus and America, too

` — — Tom Petty (Free Falling )

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

It is easy to see that Amy Coney Barrett is a very intelligent woman, She is poised and well mannered. She is a quick learner, and an articulate explainer.

For all those reasons she was chosen to be a member of the US Supreme Court.

There are other reasons too. She holds very conservation beliefs, and she knows how to justify in her legal decisions in precise terms.

From the moment she was born, Ms. Barrett was raised for this position, and that is what bothers me.

She was raised in a very tightly interconnected, somewhat controlling, very devoted Christian household. She went to an all girls Catholic High School. She went to a small, well respected, mid-western Presbyterian college. She then went to law school at Notre Dame University, after which she was accomplished enough to clerk for a Supreme Court Justice, Anton Scalia.

She then returned to Notre Dame to teach law.

I am sure she excelled at all of these places. She seems to have listened to, respected and absorbed everything she was taught by her very supportive elders and mentors.

In many ways her background is similar to most of the “conservative” men on the Supreme Court. Private Catholic prep school, strong Catholic faith, upper-middle class family, and top law school. She is different from those men in that she is a woman, from the mid-west, with no Ivy league school on her resume.

This leaves me with two very strong doubts about how she will perform as a justice. The first is that she seems to have lived her whole life surrounded almost completely by people with many of the same beliefs. That does not mean that she hasn’t done good things, or been a caring or helpful person. But, what does she know about poverty, about driving while Black, about trying to sneak into America to avoid being killed by a gang, about being paid $9 an hour and not getting enough hours to get benefits?

I’m sure she know exactly what the law says about these things, and she believes in the laws of this country — the way they were originally intended.

That brings me to point #2. Did she ever question the origin or quality of those laws? Does she ever think that since they have almost all been financed and written by rich White men, that perhaps they are not as fair, blind, and unbiased as her belief in them would suggest?

I wonder if she ever questioned any of her authority figures? Did she ever have doubts about her faith?

I ask this in part, because she attended her nomination ceremony both on the lawn and inside the White House without a mask on, during a rapidly spreading pandemic. We know that the President who nominated her openly discourages people from using masks. We also know that Ms. Barrett had already been infected by the virus. But what about her children, who also did not wear masks, and her husband and the President of Notre Dame, and the example she set for everyone who saw her on TV?

It seems to me that she just obediently followed what she was told to do, without question.

I doubt she realizes how she has been raised to be the perfect pawn in the struggle to keep America’s long-entrenched White, rich power structure, firmly in place.



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