I Marched in Boston (redux)

I posted an a rant about Trump In response to Chelsey Handler’s post about why she went to the Women’s March. I was going to expand upon that now, but I think there are enough people explaining the many ways that Trump is proving to be as bad, or even worse than the majority of Americans feared. Going to the march in Boston was uplifting and hopeful.

I am left with a few things to express: First, as my wife consistently points out, the march, all of the marches, all over the world, were peaceful, friendly, cooperative and no one felt threatened or intimidated. This was because it was run by women. Women are not impressed by bullies and bluster. Women don’t want to rule by fear or intimidation. They want to find ways to get along and make the world better for everyone. That’s what these marches were all about. That seems to be what Trump opposes. He doesn’t understand cooperation. He doesn’t understand how finding common ground and working together benefits everyone. He is about winning and losing. He seems to be realizing that he is losing and he is panicked.

During the transition, in his speech and in the first two days of his administration he has shown how much he is out of touch with the 21st Century. In many ways he has difficulty with reality.

He seems to want to bring America back to 1981, before the wide acceptance of technology. If he could succeed at closing our borders, bringing back those jobs, and “Making America First” our country will quickly fall behind the rest of the world. The world will gladly move on without us, and China will probably set the foundation for a new world order.. If Trump succeeds we would be stuck with less innovation, a greater income disparity, higher prices and lower wages.

We are headed for some of that anyway, just because he was elected with a Republican Congress.

So we marched, millions of us. We showed that we really are the majority. We will fight those policies and try to get him and his cronies out of office as fast as possible.

We set the example here in Massachusetts, as we often do. A year after Obama came into office Ted Kennedy died. There was a contest for his Senate seat between Scott Brown and a very capable woman, Martha Coakley. Scott Brown won by driving around in a pick-up truck, being a man, and opposing Obama’s health care plan. Two years later Elizabeth Warren defeated Scott and took over the role of being the leading progressive in Congress.

We will see what the backlash to the backlash (to the backlash) will bring.

I post this here, in my “Choosing Our Future” publication because this kind of politics has become so crucial to our future. Trump represents an anti-intellectual, anti-rational, anti-science, divisive, corruptive way of life. Decisions based on bad reasoning and false data lead to terrible results. Until we can have rational, reasoned discussions about this, the future of America is in grave jeopardy. Again, we have to learn the lesson that real freedom and democracy takes time, effort, vigilance and attention. There are always many, especially those with power and money, who would snatch it away, often by using the very same words. Critical thinking and verification of reality (as best as possible) remains crucial!

Sleep Well, Work Hard, Seek the real Truth.

Be Excellent to each other!



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