Too Greedy, Too Cruel

The Republicans got greedy with the judges and now they will pay. Yes, now they will have a dangerous, handmaiden majority on the Supreme Court, but their power grab was too cruel and too obvious.

Until Kavanaugh, few people besides political wonks and evangelicals paid attention to who was appointed. But this has awakened and rattled the public. RBG was feminist icon. Barrett is as bad a replacement for RBG as Thomas was for Marshall. Maybe she will find her inner Christian, caring soul, but she has shown no signs of that yet.

The court will lose its legitimacy. Congress will pass laws that people want and if these people try to stop them they will either be removed or diluted. Some of the laws the Congress will pass will be to reveal the sources of dark money. It was Federalist sponsored Citizens United that opend the corrupt floodgates. They also will demand that Supreme Court now becomes more forthcoming about who is giving them “gifts” of trips, speaking engagements, and high priced honorariums.

The Federalists began as a bunch of conservative lawyers organized against the liberal court. They have morphed into a “gimme, gimme, much obliged” corrupt ring-wing, fascist organization. Barrett seems like a naive, indoctrinated tool. She probably isn’t even in on the take yet.

If the United States continues to be all about money for the rich, which is what Trump, McConnell, all the current elected Republicans, and the Federalists all stand for, then we will not only be living in an immoral, shithole Republic, we will soon all be broke and starving, while the fossile fuel barrons live in gated communities with armed guards.

You probably won’t get in, even if you vote for Trump. They seem to only want people with Jeffrey Epstein’s money and character.



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