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Today, February 17, the day after Mueller indicted a bunch of Russians, a still un-indicted Trump tweeted something to the effect: “The Russians started trouble in 2014. I wasn’t even running for President yet.” By saying that he is again trying to show that he did not “collude” with the Russians. But again, that isn’t going to work, because that isn’t the way it happened.

One way to figure out what Trump is doing is to look at what he accuses other people of doing. Remember he said “the election is rigged.” He called her “crooked Hillary.” He called Mexicans rapists. The calls the NYT, CNN, WaPo, and others “fake news,” while praising and repeating much of what Fox News broadcasts. What was the reality? Who did all hat stuff?

So, here is how things happened, and how it will all get played out. I report this based on the possible facts I get from newspapers and TV, from clear deductive reasoning, and just thinking about all of this. I give it to you now, saying that there is at least a 40% chance of most of it being accurate. I’d bet a box of chocolates.

  1. The Set-Up

Back in the 90s Trump was futzing around with his real estate stuff, going on Howard Stern, talking lots about sex, making racist comments, and generally being a buffoon celebrity. But, he was also going bankrupt and needed money. He could’t get it in New York, because those banks knew he was a risk, and a pain to work with, full of lies and litigation.

The money to bail him out came from Russia. He began to buddy up with oligarchs, and to begin to do deals in Russia and other former Soviet Republics. Some of those deals were kind of sketchy, and seemed to involve laundering money for those people. It’s all in his taxes.

Trump continued on, becoming more of a celebrity, getting a TV show, beating up his wife, getting divorced, and screwing Playmates and porn stars.

Then Obama got elected. This upset Trump. Obama was smart, liberal, and Black. All those things bothered Trump. Trump got himself all over the media with his claim that Obama was not an American. I think he was surprised by the traction that claim had with certain groups of people. He was getting attention, so he kept bringing it up.

2. The Russians.

While Trump was blabbing on TV, Hillary Clinton was running the State Department. During that time there were some pretty powerful demonstrations in Russia, protests against Putin, and his style of government. Hillary may have made some statements that were a bit too supportive of the demonstrators. At least Putin certainly felt that way. Putin also was fearful about what she and our allies might do. He had seen what happened to Qaddafi. He knew that Hillary would make his life difficult when she got to be President. He hoped to make things difficult for her.

Sometime around 2014, or even earlier, Putin’s people began to pay attention to what was going on in the U.S. They saw how Mitch McConnell was already a fascist, doing everything he can to fight Obama, some of which bent the Constitutional rules, if not break them. They saw that the Tea Party had a strong streak of racism, and were also into conspiracy theories. They watched Fox News, and listened to talk radio. They must have thought “Whoa, thee people are ripe.” They saw the police killings. They saw Black Lives Matter. They heard how many “conservatives” were bashing immigrants, and blaming them for the lost jobs. They saw that Congress was dysfunctional, and that Paul Ryan had no morals or values, other than doing the bidding of his biggest donors. They also saw that Americans were their own terrorists, shooting people at the movies, malls and in schools. They saw the power of the NRA.

The Russians saw that America was tearing itself apart. They had some clear ideas about how they could speed up the process. One of them was for Trump to run for President.

Also, the Russians were getting bad press and blow back from invading Ukraine. There were sanctions. Some of Putin’s buddies were losing their money. That added to their motivation.

So the Russians give Trump the nod to run for President. He not only knows he will get help, he sees he will get directions about what to do, and there will be expectations of the kinds of polices he needs to espouse and support. From the beginning, Trump was very pro Russia, and pro-Putin. Many times he defended them. Even now he does nothing to oppose them.

Part of Trumps appeal on the campaign trail is that he is very rich and beholden to no one. Saying that, we know it’s a lie. The Russians had him by the balls.

Then, as we look around, suddenly we see who is part of Trumps campaign; who are his advisors. Mike Flynn, Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, Rick Gates, and who is his campaign manager? Paul Manafort. All of these people have close ties to….Russia. What a coincidence.

Manafort changes the Republican Party platform. Flynn calls and tells them that they will remove sanctions. Trump Jr. had already been caught with his hand in the cookie jar and Daddy had to teach him how to lie to get it out.

3. The Dirty Deeds

The Russians do their thing. The suck people into forming extremist groups: for and against Black Lives Matter, radically for the gun rights, for and against Obamacare or a single payor plan. They encourage White Supremacy groups. They put bots on everything, repeating Trump’s Tweets. Who knows how many of the people yelling “Lock her up” were sent to those rallies by Russians?

They also hacked the DNC. They also worked with Wiki leaks . They also hacked into the voter registrations rolls of several swing states. It is still unclear how many people were unable to vote because of the problems the Russians caused in voter registration, especially in Wisconsin and Michigan.

All the while, Trump denied any contact, any knowledge, any dealings with Russia. He also said no one in his campaign had any dealings, with them, and all of those people seemed to “forget’ they had, including our chief law enforcement officer, little Jeff Sessions.

4. The Next Stage

Trump knows that Mueller is closing in. He also knows that if things go badly, Putin can call in his loan. Now, with the Russians indicted, Trump can’t play the “witch hunt’ card as much. He won’t answer questions.

He has the stock market, employment data and Hannity going for him. Most of his followers are still loyal, and they distrust the news that they hear. Fox News does not mention Russia or the women.

But Trump can’t handle any issues. All he thinks about his Mueller. He muffed the shooting at the school. The world now sees the scumbag that he is with porn stars and Playmates, while his wife has a baby. The economy could implode any time because his polices are terrible and backward. His only policies are to deport everyone and destroy the environment. Several of his advisors and cabinet members are wife-beaters and/ or steal from their expense accounts, or invest in companies they regulate. His administration is full of scumbags.

Mueller will also influence the next stage. Information from Flynn, Gates, Bannon, and others will come out. There will be more indictments. They might even have to mention them on Fox News. What will the public really think? Are women really disgusted? Do people care about democracy?

That leaves the next stage up to spineless Paul Ryan. He is the rat that will decide if, and when, it’s time to desert the ship. Until very recently, he’s been trying to patch the leaks and keep the ship afloat. He made his deal with the devil and he is afraid of the devil. I don’t think the Russians paid him too. But, if Mueller begins to squeeze, and Trump folks stop believing his lies, things could change. Ryan isn’t a man to do what’s morally correct or best for the country. But if the mid-term election begins to look really bad for Republicans, Ryan could join the opposition. Still doubtful, as Ryan has few limits.

5. Mid-terms.

If enough of this stuff comes out, and Ryan and the Republicans are left on the sinking ship, then the Democrats, chaotic as they are, but led by enthusiastic groups working outside of the the traditional party structure, could sweep into control of the House and maybe the Senate. If that happens Nunes is no longer Chairman, and the Democrats get to run the investigation. Then all of this will come out. Trump will be investigated up the wazoo, putting Bengazi to shame. If Mueller gets Trump to testify, Trump is toast. Even his lawyers know he is incapable of telling the truth, or of completing a thought.

There will be lots of pressure for him to resign. He may do so, if he is allowed to walk. If his involvement is as bad as I think, it will be fascinating to see what happens. Conspiracy to undermine an election is a big deal, especially with an enemy foreign power.

Pence, who would take over, is also very tainted by being a big part of the cover-up. He knew about Flynn, and must have known about everything going on during the campaign. If Pence is sucked in to Mueller’s web, it behoves the Republicans to hold on to the House. We could end up with a Democratic President, who was Speaker of the House. Pelosi? Probably not.

We could end up with a disgusted country that turns the corner and sets off in the right directions — or we could get the rumblings of a civil war, as Trump and Fox claim that this is all a “Deep State Coup.”

Mostly, it depends upon the American people, and what they want this country to be.

Hang on folks. the roller coaster has crested and is starting a rapid descent.




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