Trump’s one startling admission could totally change the future of the world.


It’s been a very warm week here in the elite East, and perhaps I’ve been reading too many blog posts on too many sites.

I’ve been reading about everything from Q-Anon to The Daily Kos. I’ve read about “identity Politics” on both the left and the right.

As in any other year this election is about corruption, lies, and conspiracies to subvert the government. The difference this year is that each side has a totally different idea about who is corrupt, who is lying, and who is conspiring to do what. Given the things that are being said, both cannot be true. But is that relevant?

I am adamantly opposed to this President, how he acts, his supposed policies, how he communicates, how he treats people, and how he enjoys being divisive. I think I know how to move the discussion away from his constant antics and focus more on who he is. But first a warning, this may offend some people, and others may think it is very inappropriate. I realize that. I defend myself by saying, yes I agree this may be a bit over-the line, but I also believe that, despite it’s seemingly absurd premise, that it is not a parody; it’s true. After all, what could be considered absurd any more.

To make my point clearly I have created the following political ad. I would star in it myself, except I don’t qualify, and this has to be genuine. I don’t think filling the role of Mike should be difficult though. I am sure there are many who would like to play such a role.

The Action:

Let’s put together a PAC, whose issue is to favor diversity in all aspects of American life.

We raise enough money to put this ad on TV. The best place, of course, would be to run the ad a few days on Fox, during Fox and Friends, but I don’t know if they would allow it.

The Ad:

An athletic looking man in his fifties faces the camera. The setting is a prosperous looking western ranch. In the background an attractive woman is playing with a couple of children.

The Man:

“Howdy, my name is Mike. I know that many of us have very busy lives, and most of us are a bit worried about what’s going on politically in this country. But I hope you will take a moment with me to talk about family values. Real family values.

As a father I get very concerned about the language, the tone and the content of how people on TV and the Internet talk at each other. So much name calling. So many lies and distortions. We can’t even agree on what’s real any more. It’s tough to explain all this to kids, and then expect them to behave and respect other people.

Sadly, almost all of this can be traced to one man’’s sense of insecurity, and his life-long attempt to overcome his inner fears. It’s too bad the the whole world has to suffer so much because he is so insecure about his masculinity. The poor man seems to have to constantly fight with people. No one can get along with him. No one can work with him for long. He only seems happy when he is in front of a crowd, trying to make fun of people who have accomplished more than he has. He also seems to be especially threatened by Black men, and accomplished women.

Why do we all have to suffer because of his own self-loathing, and his inability to accept his true nature. I know how terrible he must feel. I’ve been through it myself. I spent years trying to have sex with show-girls and porn stars, just to prove to myself that I was a real man. I was even abusive to my beautiful wife because I was so frustrated with myself. It took me twenty years to realize that I was truly a gay man, and another ten to realize that I would feel so much better if I admitted it.

What I found out, was rather than have everyone reject me, it was just the opposite. My family accepted me. (That’s my sister over there, with my kids). And since then I’ve been able to feel real love. ( Come over here Hank, and say hello to everyone). Hank and I are married now and those are out kids. And because of my honesty I’ve been able to love everyone in the world much more. I’m am no longer angry, or afraid of being found out. I don’t have to lie to everyone any more. I’m thrilled to be alive.

So my message to Mr. Trump is to be brave. Take the big step and stop trying to prove to yourself that you’re something you’re not. Come out of the closet. — it seems to old fashioned to even say that now — learn to love yourself and everyone else will love you for it. You won’t have to be afraid of everyone. You won’t have to lie and hide behind all that bluster. You won’t have to feel threatened by competent women or Black professional athletes. You won’t have to be angry at yourself any more. You can even die your hair any color you wish. It could be the greatest transformation the world has ever seen. Imagine Trump starting a love-fest. You really would be hailed as a hero!

Come on Mr. Trump. It’s never too late. We’ll be there for you.”

(Mike and Hank wave good-bye.) You can vaguely hear Hank say — “and tell Mike Pence it’s ok for him too.”

Does anyone know Tom Steyer? Maybe he could fund the ad.



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