Up Next: Worse than Trump?

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It seems that many in the Republican Party are beginning to hedge their bets about the coming election. They are seeing that support for the current Republican President has slipped badly, and that the man in that office has no idea how to revive his standing. Instead he chooses to double down on the things that are driving people away from him.

However, that does not mean that many of the folks in America who support the President are ready to reject his views and ideas (ideology is too strong a word for how he thinks). From my limited contact with die-hard Trump supporters it has always been a question in my mind, a question I had asked here, about the what and why of people who are sticking with him, even after he has proved his total incompetence.

What is happening now is that several people are rushing to fill the gap that will open up if and when Trump loses the election, even if he loses badly. Their speeches and positions on many subjects make it clear why they have stuck with Trump so long and with such devotion. There are many people who fit this description. I am focusing on three of them now, two of whom seem to have their sights on being the next fanatic in the White House.

My fears that these people, once free of Trump’s constraints, once set loose on their own, — without the fear of overshadowing the President, and therefore being expelled from the community — will present an ideology that goes even further towards erasing American democracy than Trump’s view of “L’etat, c’est moi.”

My first frightening example is the speech Mike Pompeo gave recently in Philadelphia:


Here are a few of the views he puts forth:

“Foremost among these rights are property rights and religious liberty.”

He specifically criticized the 1619 Project, a New York Times initiative re-examining the legacy of slavery, describing it as part of “a dark vision of America’s birth” and a “disturbed reading of our history.”

Pompeo is supported in his views by our fascist leaning Attorney General, Wm Barr. In a speech Barr gave at Notre Dame University a short while ago, this was his position, as described by a Pennsylvania Sunday School teacher:

When he finally arrived to the marrow of his oration, the Attorney General strongly intimated that the way to solve the “social pathology” in our nation is to funnel public funding to private religious schools, primarily to Christian schools which will counter “the growing ascendancy of secularism and the doctrine of moral relativism” which he sees as a scourge on the nation. He is ready to join Mike Pence and others in the American Taliban. Women’s education would soon be in jeopardy, as would any access to birth control.

A third person who seems eager to fill the Trump void, besides the heir apparent, Don Jr, that is, is the Fox News TV pundit, Tucker Carlson. Carlson, recently lost one of his major writers due to his posting racist material on a conservative web site that was even too blatant and discriminatory for Fox. But Carlson is pushing hard almost every night on his show to pick up the fallen flag of Confederacy, and all that it stands for. He too decries how some school systems dare to teach that those rich, White, early American slaveholders, those who enslaved, tortured, bought and sold, raped and murdered Black people, should now be viewed with a more negative perspective. But, he plaintively wails, those were the men who made America Great — or was it really the slaves who did all the work?

It is clear that the greed, corruption, fascism, and racist views that have been encouraged under Trump are not going to be wiped away by one election, no matter how decisive it may be.

After Obama was elected many Americans rejoiced and felt that the country had reached an important milestone in its history. But really, that election only ignited a backlash that Trump exploited. No matter who wins this election, those of us who care about things like equal justice and opportunity for everyone, have to remain vigilant. We have to constantly work to reject the idea that America should becomea White, Christian theocracy. That kind of thinking has to be cut off at is roots and not allowed to grow. We also have to show how most of those who say they are doing “God’s work,” are doing it to enhance their own power and profits.

Could that happen here? Take a look at Portland, OR today and you can see the unnamed men in camouflage who are coming at you with sticks and gasto impress upon you the power of believing that America means profits over people. That has been true since the beginning. It is written into the Constitution, more so according to Pompeo.

Be vigilant. Oppose the racism, the greed and the corruption. Make America Great — for the first time! Choose your future! Don’t let them take it away.



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