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Chorus One Partners with Finoa to Bring Optimized Staking to Institutional Investors

Today, we are excited to announce our partnership with German-based, regulated custody provider Finoa. Our integration with Finoa will enable retail and institutional customers that use Finoa’s custody solution to utilize Chorus One’s staking services starting with support for Polkadot. Other networks that are part of the portfolio of both companies such as Oasis, NEAR, Centrifuge, and others will follow shortly after.

This partnership signifies a larger movement towards adoption of cryptoassets by institutional players. We are excited to help enable access to the vibrant ecosystem of yield-bearing staking assets to newcomers and established crypto investors alike.

We are constantly increasing the product and service offering to our customers. With Chorus One, we add a leading and innovative Staking provider with a wide array of protocols to our portfolio. Especially for the Polkadot ecosystem, Brian and his team provide innovative, yield-optimizing Staking solutions.

Henrik Gebbing, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Finoa

Our partnership with Finoa goes beyond purely providing infrastructure to participate in decentralized networks. In the past few weeks, we have developed capabilities to improve the user experience and returns for staking users on Polkadot through a first version of what we refer to as a “staking agent”. The staking agent is an API that algorithmically manages staking participation on behalf of DOT holders . It makes use of a proprietary algorithm and Polkadot’s key management design that allows the delegation of staking-related rights without giving up custody of funds.

The staking agent enables Finoa users that want to stake DOTs to improve their staking reward APR by continuously updating their nominations across supported validators while requiring no intervention by the user.

We have been impressed with the professionalism and vision of Finoa, who is quickly becoming one of the industry’s leading custody providers. We are also excited to make a first foray into the area of staking yield optimization and to be able to offer this to Finoa’s customers.

Brian Crain, Co-Founder and CEO of Chorus One

We will soon have more information about our staking agent and its benefits available. For now, if you are a DOT holder, wallet provider, or custodian interested in using or integrating the staking agent, please reach out to us at hello[at]

About Finoa

Finoa is a regulated custodian for Digital Assets, servicing professional investors with Custody and Staking. Reference customers include the world’s most renowned Venture Capital firms, large corporations and financial institutions. Finoa was founded in Berlin in 2018, is a qualified crypto-asset custodian (§64y Para. 1 KWG) and supervised by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).


About Chorus One

Chorus One is providing staking services and developing cross-chain communication technologies for Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks.


Background picture by Ben Neale on Unsplash.

Originally published at on October 7, 2020.



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Chorus One offers staking services and takes part in building tools and protocols to advance the Proof of Stake ecosystem.