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Chorus One Sponsors 5 Scholarships

$2K each for 5 women anywhere in the world to attend Ethereum Bootcamp by Preethi Kasireddy

Chorus One is delighted to sponsor 5 full scholarships ($2000 each) to Preethi Kasireddy’s 7 day Ethereum Bootcamp — at the end of which you would have built your very first Dapp!

Chorus One is committed to gender diversity in the Crypto Space. We actively run, support, and fund initiatives that help more women enter the industry. Preethi’s drive to provide scholarships to Indian women resonates with our values — which is why we decided to fund 5 women from across the world to be able to attend this Bootcamp.

How to Apply

You can apply for the scholarship in 5 easy steps

  1. Go to the Ethereum Bootcamp website
  2. Click on Apply. Enter your details.
  3. In question no. 7, you will be asked, “Where did you hear about this course?”
  4. Enter Chorus.One
  5. Make sure to follow Chorus One on Twitter for all the updates and tweet @ChorusOne once you have applied — so that we know 🙂

The last date to apply AND submit your coding assessment is Tuesday, August 17th.

The Bootcamp

In this supercharged week-long Bootcamp you will get a hands-on experience on how to design, develop, and scale a Web 3.0 app on Ethereum. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded peers and world-class founders with experience in building successful apps on Ethereum You will get to understand the best practices and common pitfalls.

Learning how to build Dapps on Ethereum is overwhelming and frustrating. The architecture, tooling, and even the programming language are different from traditional Web 2.0 development. It requires unlearning and subsequent relearning blockchain development concepts from the ground up. Keeping this in mind, Preethi has designed the course in a step-by-step manner!

Preethi is an entrepreneur, writer, engineer, and investor. She was an early engineer at Coinbase, later worked at a16z, and then quit one of the most sought-after jobs to teach herself coding and start TruStory.



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