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Full list of Crypto events Chorus One is attending in 2022

The second half of the year 2022 is looking busy for event planners in the crypto sphere, with major conferences lined up as industry leaders gather to push through the development of the ecosystem and the agenda for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and web3.

Whilst we, at Chorus One, continue to build projects for the rapid expansion of the industry, we’ve also allocated some key dates on our calendar to attend major crypto events. Here is a series of gatherings you can find us at from August till the rest of the year 2022:

July, August & September — Chorus One in Asia

All is set for August to start on a high for us here, as Business Development Manager Alex Bentley represents Chorus One as a speaker at four different events during Asia’s biggest crypto festival — the Korea Blockchain Week.

It all begins with the HackAtom closing off the month of July 2022. This intense 72-hour window is packed with a series of competitions between South Korea’s best hackers around interoperability, Interchain Security, Cosmos SDK, CosmWasm, and Solidity. The HackAtom Prize Pool at stake? No less than $100K in ATOM, $100K in OSMO, $100k in JUNO, and $100k in EVMOS. Alex Bentley will be speaking on the 20-minute HackAtom panel about “Validating the Interchain” slated for 12:40pm local time / 5:40am CET on Sunday, July 31st.

Catch his talk about MEV on Solana from 3:00pm local time / 8:00am CET on Thursday, Aug 4th as BUIDL Asia returns in style, three years after the last edition. The event unites tech businesses, communities, and developers from around the world at the SOFITEL Ambassador Seoul Hotel on August 4th and 5th. Pass by the Solana Hacker House from August 3–7 and make a stop at the Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas during the Korea Blockchain Week between August 7–14 to connect with us.

He also graces Stage Busan as a speaker in a much-anticipated panel: “The Wayaheads for Web 3 governance”. The discussion will be alongside Chainflow’s Othman Gbadamassi and Stakefish’s Teddy Knox as a41’s Steve Kim will be moderating the session. The kick-off for this 30-minute panel talk is scheduled for 4:30pm local time / 9:30am CET on Monday, August 8th.

In the third week of September, Chorus One graces Buidl Vietnam with speaker Alex Bentley participating in two panels in between which audiences will be treated to his presentation on what really is MEV and why we should care.

Schedule recap to catch Chorus One in Seoul, Korea:

  • Jul 29-Jul 31: HackAtom | “Validating the Interchain” panel with speaker Alex Bentley at 12:40pm-1:00pm local time / 5:40am-6:00am CET, July 31, 2022
  • Aug 4–5: BUIDL Asia | “Solana MEV” with speaker Alex Bentley at 3:00pm-3:30pm local time / 8:00–8:30am CET, August 4, 2022
  • Aug 3–7: Solana Hacker House | “The Wayaheads for Web3 governance” with speaker Alex Bentley at 4:30pm-4:55pm local time / 9:30am-9:55am CET, August 8, 2022
  • Aug 7–14: Korea Blockchain Week
  • Buidl Vietnam Day 1 | “Cross-chain Interoperability Protocols” at 2:30pm-3:00pm local time/9:30pm-10:00am CEST, September 23.
  • Buidl Vietnam Day 2 | “MEV: what is it, and why you should care” at 1:30pm-2:00pm local time/8:30am-9:00am CEST, September 24.
  • Buidl Vietnam Day 2 | “The State of DeFi ecosystems in Asia” at 2:30pm-3:10pm local time/9:30am-10:10am CEST, September 24.

September 2022 — Chorus One in North America

Urbit Assembly — Sep 22 to 25

All roads lead to Miami Beach for the second edition of Urbit Assembly as New World Energy’s ecosystem gets unveiled. Beach parties aside, the four-day event will revolve around developer workshops, product exhibitions, as well as high-level panel discussions and presentations leading personalities in Tech, with the likes of Uqbar Network, Holium, and Tlon CEOs all expected to be in attendance alongside CEO Brian Crain and Research & Ventures Lead Xavier Meegan.

Brian is set to step onto the Galaxy Stage together with Lane Rettig, Jake Brukhman and Matt Condon to break down “Blockchain’s killer app problem and how Urbit fixes this”.

Nice to read: Why Web3 needs Urbit

We believe in Urbit’s mission to radically transform the infrastructure of the computing stack and potentially become the computing platform of the future. Our company is currently hiring System Engineers specialized in Urbit’s kernel and OS with the aim to scale up its hosting solutions.

See: Job Opening — Systems Engineer (Urbit)

Schedule recap to catch Chorus One in Miami Beach, Florida:

  • Urbit Assembly | “Blockchain’s killer app problem and how Urbit fixes this” at 1:30pm-2:30pm local time / 7:30pm-8:30pm CET on Sunday, September 25.

Mainnet 2022 — Sep 21 to 23

Cryptocurrency and Web3 market intelligence provider Messari is, this year, hosting its annual summit in New York from September 21–23 with co-founders of Dune Analytics and Osmosis Labs among others part of the robust line-up of speakers. We’re excited to announce our attendance at this Mainnet 2022 event. Chorus One’s Luis Clavijo Nuñez will be looking forward to connect with you.

September & October — Chorus One in South America

Cosmoverse in Medellin — Sep 26 to 28

Six of us will be representing Chorus One in Medellin, Colombia at the Cosmoverse 2022 conference this September.

Join us in Latin America’s tech hub-in-the-making, Medellin, as we drive the Cosmos Ecosystem towards its goal to expand in terms of awareness and education. With general admissions tickets sold out, follow Chorus One’s participation via our Twitter page @ChorusOne.

Interchain Travel happens on September 27th with the promise to enjoy “a blast through the Interchain and beyond”. Felix will join the conversation on “Global communities and multi-chain ecosystems” with Epicenter Podcast’s Sebastien Couture, Neutron’s Spaydh, and Interchain FM’s Chjango Unchained completing the panel’s set-up.

For the lucky ticket holders, this community-centered Cosmos event will be an opportunity to network with our team, namely:

You’ll have the chance to engage with the above while learning more about Cosmos SDK, CosmWasm, Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol, and what’s new in the interchain.

Schedule recap to catch Chorus One in Medellin, Colombia:

  • Interchain Travel | “Global communities and multi-chain ecosystems” at 8:10pm-8:40pm local time (September 27) / 3:10am-3:30am CET (September 28).

Devcon 6 in Bogota — Oct 11 to 14

In the second week of October, Chorus One’s girl power will be showcased in full force with research duo Gabriella Sofia and Thalita Franklin exploring all things Ethereum at the Agora Bogotá Convention Centre.

Discount Ticket Applications are currently open to builders, students, and teachers, while volunteers may apply for a free pass. Meanwhile, up to 50 underprivileged individuals with the potential to impact Ethereum’s future will have the opportunity to participate in the conference through the Devcon Scholars Program. Apply here before August 1, 2022.

Devcon is the main event taking place during the Devcon Week which begins with ETHBogota Hackathon (Oct 7–9), continues with ETHLatam @ Bogota (Oct 10), and ends with the Community Co-working Space (Oct 15–16) and the Schelling point (Oct 17).

Details on the topics to be revealed in due time.

Schedule recap to catch Chorus One in Bogota, Colombia:

  • To be announced

September, October & November — Chorus One in Europe

NEARCON Lisbon — Sep 11 to 14

Link up with Chorus One’s Chief Executive Officer Brian Crain and Chief Commercial Officer Felix Lutsch at Near Protocol’s flagship event, NEARCON.

Happening at Cais da Viscondessa in Portugal’s capital, the event will be marked by the IRL hackaton comprising 200+ hackers, and an agenda crafted around four main tracks as developers and builders, entrepreneurs and business developers, creators, as well as regulators come together in a bid to sustainably take a leap from Web2 to Web3.

ETH Lisbon — Oct 28 to 30

After making appearances in Asia, North America, and Latin America, we’ll close the year with two events happening in Europe’s crypto capital, Portugal. The first one being ETH Lisbon where Chorus One’s Chief Commercial Officer, Felix Lutsch, will make a stop.

Solana Breakpoint II — Nov 4 to 7

There’s probably no better way for us to wrap up this marathon of crypto events in 2022 than by supporting the expansion of the Solana ecosystem through our participation at the Solana Breakpoint II.

Organized by the Solana Foundation and happening in Lisbon, it is estimated to draw some 4,500 attendees — including our very own reps led by CEO Brian Crain whose panel contribution on the topic of “State Layer: validators and infrastructure” is one to replay and study:

Details on the topics to be revealed in due time.

Schedule recap to catch Chorus One in Lisbon, Portugal:

  • To be announced

Bookmark this blog post and check back regularly for updates on Chorus One’s crypto events schedule. Reach out to any of our team members by shooting an email to

We read all our emails so we’ll get back to you, promise!

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