Introducing Anthem

A Multi-Network Staking Platform

Chorus One
Mar 2, 2020 · 2 min read

We’re excited to unveil Anthem: a web application to track and manage your portfolio of Proof-of-Stake assets. Anthem supports staking on Celo, Cosmos, Oasis, Kava, and Terra.

Go to now, connect your Ledger or any address on the supported networks and see your personal staking dashboard! 📈

Anthem’s Landing Page:

Why We Built Anthem

The core motivation to build Anthem arose from our own needs as a staking provider:

Currently, most accounting and tax regimes require you to recognize revenues at the time received. When staking on Cosmos, this means that revenues occur every single block, or around 400,000 times a month! So far, there has been no public tool allowing you to see your historical staking rewards. Anthem changes that.

Anthem provides stakers with a consistent, personalized dashboard that allows them to track, manage, and optimize how their staking assets are utilized across many different networks.

Anthem Walkthrough

The rest of this post will walk you through the current functionality of Anthem:

Logging into Anthem

When visiting Anthem for the first time, you will be presented with the landing page. Press get started or scroll to the login options. Here you have two options:

Sign in with Ledger: Use this option to automatically see information for your Ledger account. When connecting your Ledger device you can also transfer and stake assets, as well as (on Celo) participate in governance.

Sign in with Address: Use this option to track balance and staking data for addresses on any supported network.


This is the core piece of Anthem. Here you can see your portfolio development, past transactions, as well as your current balance.

Anthem visualizes historical data on your total portfolio including the ability to filter staked and available tokens, as well as the rewards that you accrued while staking. Anthem also allows you to export a CSV file that you can use for tax reporting or analytics.


There’s a variety of ways to customize settings in Anthem. You can choose different fiat currencies to use as a base currency, and you can change the language in which Anthem is displayed. We currently support Chinese, English, German, Korean, and Spanish. There’s even an evil dark mode! 🌙

We’re always looking for feedback, so please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or hit us up on Telegram.

Chorus One

We offer staking solutions and build interoperability protocols for decentralized networks.

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