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Reaction: The First Large Scale Validator NFT Drop

Airdropping 3,600 algorithmically generated NFTs to Chorus One Solana Delegators

Today, we are excited to announce that we are airdropping 3600 NFTs to all of our Solana delegators that stake more than 0.1 SOL with us. We have teamed up with CoherenceNFT to work on Chorus One’s first-ever venture into NFTs. Solana addresses that are eligible for the airdrop can be found here. We took a snapshot of all delegators that stake more than 0.1 SOL with us on 08-Dec-2021 at 10:58:37 AM UTC.

To the best of our knowledge, ‘Reaction’ is the first-ever large-scale validator NFT drop. We thought surprising our Solana delegators with a gift in the form of NFTs would be the perfect start to the new year.

We decided to drop Chorus One NFTs to reward different clusters of delegators that have chosen to stake with us since the inception of Solana Mainnet-Beta. These NFTs will be used to give their holders an on-chain identity. In 2022, we will use these identities to personalise our validator services via a variety of reward tiers. We will be giving our delegator community exclusive utility related to Chorus One’s services and beyond. In future, we will have another post outlining how NFT rarities were determined and the impact rarities have on utility.

For those who are reading this and wondering why we’re only rewarding our Solana delegators - don’t worry as our NFT strategy will be multi-chain! We have decided to reward our delegator community on Solana first because it is our most important network that also happens to be the home of a vibrant NFT community. However, we have active plans to reward delegators on other networks with NFTs in the near future as we want to ensure as many of our delegators as possible are rewarded for choosing to stake their assets with us. It is also not too late to stake SOL with us on Solana, as it’s likely that we will continue future NFT drops for our Solana delegators — we want to reward newcomers too!

The drop of ‘Reaction’ is just the beginning of our web3 strategy. We are looking forward to experimenting with web3 and NFTs by making use of on-chain data in ways never done before by a staking provider. For example, we have just announced a collaboration with Portals, a metaverse in the Solana ecosystem. Initiatives like this will play an integral part in supporting our mission to advance the Proof-of-Stake ecosystem by helping to get people interested in securing decentralized networks such as Solana.




Chorus One is a staking provider with more than $3B of cryptoassets staked. Chorus One provides node infrastructure and closely works with over 30 Proof-of-Stake networks.

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Chorus One is offering staking services and building tools and protocols to advance the Proof of Stake ecosystem.

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