Zero Knowledge Validator chooses Chorus One as a Staking Infrastructure Partner

Chorus One
Jun 30 · 3 min read

Today, we are excited to announce our staking partnership with Zero Knowledge Validator (ZKV), a collective of blockchain entrepreneurs, researchers, and developers focused on advancing the adoption of privacy and zero-knowledge technologies across multiple blockchain ecosystems.

Chorus One will provide node infrastructure to enable the Zero Knowledge Validator team to focus on privacy-focused initiatives and to participate in network governance representing their community and mandate. We will initially operate the Zero Knowledge Validators on Cosmos and Osmosis, with other networks to follow in the future. By delegating to the Zero Knowledge Validator nodes, ATOM and OSMO holders can support ZKV’s mission while ensuring their tokens are staked with the industry-leading reliable, secure, and diversified node infrastructures that Chorus One has built over the past three years.

Why We Are Excited To Work With The ZKV Team

The ZKV team, led by Anna Rose and Will Harborne, is active on the forefront of privacy research and development in the Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot, NEAR, and Mina blockchain ecosystems. Anna, who is hosting one of the most esteemed crypto podcasts (Zero Knowledge Podcast), is a pillar in the community and has provided a platform for privacy-focused researchers and builders to come together through a series of high-quality events such as the Zero Knowledge Summit, hackathons, online webinars, and more. Will, co-founder of the zk-STARK-based decentralized exchange Deversifi, has a vast network and experience in building scalable, privacy-preserving applications. Together with their collaborators and team of researchers and developers, ZKV provides invaluable help to projects and entrepreneurs to develop and grow their privacy-focused applications.

We are thrilled to be able to provide our services and work closely with ZKV. We expect this collaboration to increase our own knowledge and involvement in the promising field of privacy-preserving technologies and are looking forward to helping the ecosystems we are a part of tap into the resources and support provided by the ZKV team.

If you are interested in learning more, join the upcoming ZKV online event this Wednesday (June 30) focusing on privacy in the Cosmos ecosystem, which will also feature our CCO Felix Lutsch during the panel discussion. Register here:

Facilitating Participation in Decentralized Networks

Our mission is to help stakeholders participate and shape the decentralized networks they are a part of. Aside from accepting delegations on our own public nodes and building protocols to advance the staking ecosystem, we are also providing infrastructure services to stakeholders seeking to participate in staking and network governance themselves. To learn more about how we assist our partners that include institutions and companies like Zero Knowledge Validator in their exploration and participation in the staking ecosystem, visit our whitelabel node product offering at:

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