How to grow your podcast’s community on Chorus

Since launching Communities earlier this week, we’ve been getting a lot of questions from podcasters asking how best to grow their community of listeners on Chorus — so we decided to put together this handy guide!

If there’s anything missing that’s worked well for you, shoot us a message and we’ll get it added!

Claim your Chorus Link

Click here to claim your Chorus Link ✏️

Chorus Links make it really easy for your listeners to join your community on Chorus — no matter where they hear about you.

Anyone that downloads Chorus after visiting your Chorus Link will:

  1. Automatically subscribe to your podcast
  2. Join your community
  3. Follow you (and the other creators)

Here’s what listeners will see when they visit your Chorus link:

Your podcast here

Share your Chorus Link

Let your listeners know that they can join your community on Chorus! Here are some ways that you can share your Chorus Link:

  • Read it out on-air (this one seems to work really well).
  • Add it to your podcast + episode descriptions.
  • Add it to your podcast’s twitter profile.
  • Send out an email or tweet to your listeners.
  • If you have a subreddit, post it there.
  • If you post episodes to youtube, add it to your video descriptions.
  • Buy a cheap projector and find a tall building.
  • Put it on your merch (flyers, cards, etc).

Make sure your listeners can find you

For listeners, one of the best parts of Chorus is getting to engage with their favorite podcasters — so make sure they can find you!

Each person that worked on your podcast should add themselves as a Creator. Here’s how:

  1. Create a Chorus account.
  2. Search for your podcast on Chorus and press the “add yourself as a creator” button on the Podcast page.

Also, make sure you write a bio! You can do this on the Account screen.

Anything we missed?

Drop us a line at, or chat with us from your Account screen in the Chorus app.

Good luck!

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