Chowbase: Inventory Management for Restaurants the Smart Way.

The restaurant business is one of those hit or miss ventures. This is ironic because food business is ideally supposed to be happy business.

If you talk to restaurant managers, they’ll tell you there always seems to be something else to do, things to attend to, endless orders and reports to stay ahead of or file. In the midst of all this, they still have to ensure their staff provide their customers with a memorable experience.

Today, most restaurants focus on being customer-centric; focusing on delivering excellent customer experience at the expense of all the other operations necessary to keep the business afloat.

Customer Centricity

You as the manager have to constantly be on call with your staff if not physically present for real time updates. We all know you can only juggle so much, eventually something has to give in. Most times its the inventory management that suffers.

Before you know it, you can’t keep up with what’s in stock at your fourth location. Neither do you know how much your second location generated this week in terms of losses or profits. Nor the fact that the cabbage supplier should have been called last week. All this doesn’t spell GOOD NEWS for your daily operations.

Chowbase is in a bid to understand these frustrations, and wants to help you solve them. Maybe you already have existing coping mechanisms… What Chowbase is proposing is optimising and streamlining your entire inventory system and integrating with them.

We understand most restaurants use Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, paper and pen and other offline solutions to track their inventory. All these tools cover the basics pretty well but pose challenges when it comes to scale, smarter reports, accuracy and staying ahead. All that static data can be put to use and contribute to positive turnover.

Cut back on time spent counting and ordering inventory and focus on serving customers or your other operations.

Are you a business looking at ways to track your inventory, want an efficient staff scheduler or simply can’t quite seem to keep up with juggling a multitude of back-office operations? Sign up to be the first to know when Chowbase launches!