24 hour pee party

So I worked from home today like I do most Wednesdays. We try not to have a lot of meetings on Wednesdays, and I’m able to catch up on a lot of things. I normally don’t take a shower, and I’m in my happy pants all day. Win/Win situation.

I had another reason to stay home today. I’m doing my 24 hour urine test. I basically have to pee into a container all day for 24 hours*. They gave me two containers this time because I ran out of room last time..

This is something I need to do every 6–8 weeks, but it’s also part of my testing to make sure I’m ready for and able to handle my Stem Cell Transplant. They’re measuring the amount of protein in the urine. They look for paraprotein (the cancerous ones), and for general protein concentration to gauge how my kidneys are working.

Respect to women out there who have to fill one of these up!

I’m not too worried about this one based on my previous results. Myeloma usually gets either your bones or your organs (bones in my case). Kidney damage is common, but mine are working really well. We measure kidney function weekly in my blood, this is just another method. (I have had small cyst in each kidney that I’ve known about for a few years now, but I’m told that it’s normal) The amount of cancer in my blood is so low now that there’s little chance of it damaging my kidneys in the short term. The drugs they’re giving me can always cause some damage, so I just need to be careful and drink tons of water.

February result — no cancerous protein in my urine.

In addition to wrapping up Cycle 5 of chemo this week, I’ve got a bunch of tests in prep for the Stem Cell Transplant.. Bloodwork, X-Rays, meeting a social worker, EKG, lung function test, etc. Fun stuff.

*small confession. I forgot about it once today and just pee’d in the toilet. oops.

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