Monday funday

Mission accomplished — My plan to eliminate my Monday dex crash worked perfectly! I took the dex on Wednesday and Thursday before bed instead of Thursday/Friday morning in hopes that I could move my Monday crash to a Sunday crash.

I was out of it for most of Sunday. We woke up early to get breakfast, and I took a nap in the living room as soon as we got home. I woke up at around 11:30am, went upstairs, and took another nap until about 4pm. I was feeling good after that, so we went to eat mexican food — lettuce cup salmon fajitas for me. no chips. :( I went for a nice long relaxing drive after that since I was feeling ok.

I got to bed at around 11pm (I took an Ativan before bed). I woke up at around 5am to pee, and I was really out of it. I thought my plan had backfired, but by 7:30am, I was feeling awesome and ready to go.

I had a ton of energy and a clear head all day today and even made it to the gym. I’m going to keep doing this for the rest of my induction to make my Mondays more productive (and as an excuse to take a monster nap on Sunday).

Other than being totally out of it on Sunday, I think my side effects last week were not as bad as others. That said, that was week 1 of this cycle after a week off. We’ll see how it goes this week and next.

We run my cancer markers on Thursday this week. We’re looking for my M-Spike to go down . This is the amount of cancerous protein (IgG in my case) that’s in my blood. (there are other numbers that matter, but this is the important one for me). We started at 2.9g/dL, and have been hovering for awhile now at 0.3. The goal is 0. There’s a better chance of a good outcome if we can get this down to 0 before my Stem Cell Transplant. (if we don’t, it’s still ok as the Stem Cell Transplant is still likely to get it to 0)

Backing into the numbers, I expect it to be less than 0.3 this time. I have other bloodwork done weekly that tells part of the story…

On 3/9 when I recorded the 0.3g/dL M-Spike, my total blood protein was 6.3g/dL, and my Albumin (good stuff) was 4.0g/dL(so the remaining 2.3g/dL was other proteins, including the 0.3g/dL the bad IgG and 0.25 of good IgG).

On 3/30, my total blood protein was 6.0 and my Albumin was 4.2. So now we just need to account for 1.8g/dL among the other good proteins and the good/bad IgG. The LOWEST sum of those other good proteins I’ve ever recorded is still 1.64.. I’m assuming those will drop, but (bear with me) let’s say they drop by 20%, that would give us 1.3. So 6.0–4.2–1.3= 0.5. That 0.5 includes BOTH the good IgGs and the cancerous ones. Last time It was 0.55, and 0.3 were bad vs 0.25 good. If you’re still reading this, that means I expect my M-Spike this time to be 0.2 or less, confirming my suspicion that Kyprolis takes a bit more time than Velcade to do its work.. :)

The lab only calculates M-Spike to one decimal, so I’m expecting to see 0.2. Anyone want to place a bet?


Or put another way, there are two good trends happening. Albumin going up and total Protein going down since early January (which is significant because that’s when I finished both surgeries and got back on the chemo).