Sick.. Again

Well, things were looking up on Friday after my last chemo injection… And then I developed a cough. And on Sunday a fever, which basically requires an ER visit in my condition. We spent about 14 hours in the ER doing tests, Chest X-Ray, etc. They couldn’t find anything obvious. No flu, pneumonia, blood borne infection, etc.

So in the name of precaution, I had a 7 hour infusion of IgG immunoglobulin. My IgG number at last test was 352 mg/dL, and about 100 of that was cancerous (useless), so we’re talking about 250 effective IgG in my system. Normal IgG range is 600–1600. They freak out when you get under 400. IgGs are important for fighting off infections, so this was necessary.

They also prescribed Antibiotics and Tamiflu.

Fever broke yesterday, and I started feeling a bit better today. A bit better meaning that when I get out of bed I don’t immediately feel like I need to lay down. It’s a start. I’m also coughing a lot less. Looks like I’m going to have to be really careful now with my immune system leading up to and especially after the SCT. I have a “compromised” immune system right now from the ass-kicking that the chemo gave me. I will have “zero” immune system for awhile after the SCT.

I hope to be back to “normal” soon.

For all of you who donated plasma for beer money in college, I thank you. (and for some of you, I sincerely hope I didn’t get any of your IgGs.. you know who you are. :))