Stem Cell Transplant Day 11

Day +10

WBC: 0.3

Hemoglobin: 9.2

Platelets: 24

Day +11

WBC: 2.3 !!!!!

Hemoglobin: 10.0

Platelets: 26

I’m no longer neutropenic. Provided tomorrow is the same, we’re really close to declaring victory. I’m going to ask to have my PICC line removed tomorrow. They can keep giving me fluids from my port, and the PICC is just uncomfortable (and probably unnecessary at this point).

I’m also going to ask them if I can stop taking the Levaquin (antibiotic) tomorrow since my immune system is recovering. I’m having some GI issues, and I’d rather start taking some probiotics to rebuild my gut bacteria. (quick plug for VSL3 probiotic sachets. They are super expensive, but you could just take one every 2 weeks and get more benefit than a daily dose of most of the probiotics out there.)

Still pretty light-headed and groggy, but otherwise feeling ok. We did our full walk (~1.25 miles) last night for the first time since I started the stem cell transplant.