Stem Cell Transplant Day 23

Hi folks, It’s be awhile since my last confession.

I had a run of several days where I was just a bit worn out. I spent most of the time either in bed or sitting in a recliner (which is super ugly btw, we bought it for the recovery from my back surgery when I couldn’t sit/lay comfortably).

I got hydration on Monday and skipped it on Tuesday. I’m not due back at the hospital until Friday. I’m feeling just a tad better each day. I’m still nearly blacking out every time I get up — I just do it really slowly. We’re going for walks in the evenings some times. We even did the long (1.25mi) walk last night.

I’m still in remission as of my bloodwork on Tuesday. Hemoglobin is 11.1 as of Thursday. I really feel like that needs to be around 12.5 for me to feel like I’m not going to pass out every time I stand up. Low normal is 13.6.

I did venture out yesterday and got two egg & cheese bagels for breakfast, two falafel wraps for lunch (all to-go), and walked through the grocery store with Rachel. It was nice to be out of the house!