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Chris Janese: CEO of The Green Room

As the CEO and head of Client Strategy at The Green Room, Chris Janese brings over three decades of experience to the private events sector while helping clients achieve their objectives. Located in San Diego, California, Chris Janese works closely with his executive management team and core accounts to help define the ultimate objectives while also helping the team produce excitement around the client’s goal.

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The Green Room is considered a sanctuary where the best and most eagerly anticipated leaders, artists, and experts gather their thoughts and await their call to the stage or screen. Chris and his team can take a concept and turn it into a reality by crafting the right message, in the right voice, at the right volume. The Green Room is also responsible for creating large scale entertainment and keynote speaking events, executive presentations, and content creation.

Chris Janese has been a part of the private event and entertainment sector since graduating from Belmont University with a Bachelor of Art in Business Administration and Music Business. This career path has been able to apply his love of creativity and problem-solving. Chris has previously served as the Executive Vice President of TBA Global and the President of G&R Live.

While his career has certainly kept him busy, Chris looks forward to stepping away from the office and spending time with his family. One of the most important things Chris and his family share is their love of travel. Chris and his wife introduced their two daughters to travel at a young age. “We have two daughters, and it’s always been important to me to take them on meaningful trips as often as we can and from as early of an age as we could,” says Chris.

For Chris Janese and his family, travel just isn’t a way to have a ton of fun. The Janese’s enjoy learning about new cultures and ways of life. Once they leave the US, the Janese’s look to gain wisdom and insights from people worldwide. They’ve also been known to roll up their sleeves and get involved in the countries they’re visiting.

Be sure to follow Chris Janese online for updates on the world of private event planning, the entertainment industry, and his travels.



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Chris Janese

Chris Janese is the dedicated CEO of The Green Room, an event services company based in Rancho Sante Fe. Visit: