Gwent Cards Wordpress Plugin

Even though I don’t play Gwent any more, I decided to give this Gwent Cards Wordpress Plugin and shot.

This is a plug in I really would loved to have seen 5–6 months ago when I ran a site called Unfortunately none of the big sites had something set up like Hearthpwn does for Hearthstone and Wowhead has for WoW at that time. I created a database internally and made my own, but updating when cards were changed or added was going to be a royal pain in my ass, so I was happy that I shut the site down and never had to make any updates.

I was contacted by the plugin creator to let me know that this plugin was available now and here were are.

[gc]Caretaker[/gc] — [gc]Roach[/gc] — [gc]Savage Bear[/gc] ←- the magic link portion of the plugin works just fine.

The plugin uses the database at to pull the image and card data from.

I like that the card links open in a new window instead of taking a reader off the website altogether. There are a couple of things I would like to see added to this plug in. The 1st would be styling the card info to something like has set up (below). I did this with my makeshift tooltips on Gwentdaily as well and I think it just looks awesome to look like the game styling.

Here’s what the tooltips on my old Gwent site (Gwentdaily) looked like.

The other thing is to query the database and if the card is rare, set the CSS styling of the card text to be blue, epic to purple, etc. You can also see what I mean in the Gwentify screenshot above.

Great job guys and I hope it becomes a valuable plugin for Gwent bloggers as the game develops an even larger crowd.

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