Gwent Scrap Guide — Gwent Beta

Scraps are one of the main currencies used in Gwent at this time. You collect and earn scraps in various ways and they are used to craft cards you don’t have. This is a short Gwent Scrap Guide to show new Gwent players how to get scraps and how to use them.

How do I get scraps?

Gwent Scrap Guide

The main way to obtaining Gwent scraps is to win games. In the screenshot above, you will see that I got 15 scraps for hitting a certain point in my leveling. Each of these check points can give you ore, scraps, or even a random card. At this check point, I was awarded 15 scraps, which is 1/2 of the cost to craft one common card.

The next way to earn scraps is from getting a GG (Good Game) from your opponent. If you check out the same screenshot above, you’ll see that Dorien101 hit his GG button and it awarded me an extra 5 scraps.

The last wast to get scraps in Gwent is by milling cards. I sometimes refer to this as dusting or disenchanting, but it’s called milling in Gwent.

Gwent Scrap Guide

You can mill cards you don’t want, need, or even better — duplicates. After a while in the game, you’ll pretty much have every common and rare card and you’ll get more than you need by opening kegs. At that point you can hit the “Mill All Duplicates” button and it will automatically mill the cards you don’t need. For instance, if you opened a keg and got 4 commons you already had 3 of and you already had each of the epic cards you had a choice between, you’d get 70 scraps. That would be 5 scraps x4 commons and 50 scraps x1 epic card.

Gwent Scrap Guide
Gwent Scrap Guide

You can manually mill cards you won’t use early on to get more cards you need. If you look at the 2 examples of epic cards, you can see the amount of scraps you’ll get from milling a particular card.

In the example above, milling a Marek Madej will give you 50 scraps. The other epic on the right, Ciaran, will also give you 50 scraps.

The rarity of the card (Legendary, Epic, Rare, or Common) determines how many scraps you will get, not the color (Gold, Silver, or Bronze).

Here is the break down of how many scraps you get for each type of card.

  • Common Card = 5 Scraps
  • Rare Card = 10 Scraps
  • Epic Card = 50 Scraps
  • Legendary Card = 200 Scraps

What do I do with all these scraps?

Gwent Scrap Guide
Gwent Scrap Guide

Now that you have them, it’s time to use them to craft cards.

Here are some examples. To craft the card above, you will see the crafting cost is 200 scraps. You will also notice in both examples that the card’s mill value is grayed out since I do not have one to mill and that the crafting cost shows for the same reason. To craft the epic Blueboy Lugos, it will cost me 200 scraps.

Here are the scrap costs to craft cards in the Gwent Beta.

  • Common Card = 30 Scraps
  • Rare Card = 80 Scraps
  • Epic Card = 200 Scraps
  • Legendary Card = 800 Scraps

Only CDPR knows if the values will ever change, but if they do during the beta, I will update this little Gwent Scrap Guide.

Good Luck Gwenty People!

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