I’m Playing Hearthstone Again

I’ve gotten bored with Gwent for now and tucked my tail between my legs and reinstalled Hearthstone about a month ago. I had been gone since Oct/Nov 2016. I am back on the trail of achieving milestones in the game, like gold heroes. When I returned, I was 7/9 and now I am 8/9 with about 40 games left on priest.

I want to hit that milestone and legend for the 1st time. I can’t believe that I have been playing on/off since launch, I have 8/9 gold heroes, but I have yet to hit legend. The closed I have gotten is rank 2. I did get to rank 4 in my 1st month back (April) though. That makes me optimistic that I am just around the corner. So far this month, I have made it to as high as rank 8. I have 2 weeks to go, so I will be putting off getting golden on priest to push for legend.

Since Hearthstone doesn’t have an achievement system, I have a page that I am tracking my Hearthstone accomplishments on. Here is a copy of that page as well.


Since I just returned, I need to update it to reflect new goals, expansions, etc. I also need to undo the completion for legendary cards since there have been 3 expansions since I achieved it. I don’t have all the legendary cards for those 3 expansions yet.

Even though I have played Hearthstone since launch, I have only played 9–10 months. I played a couple of months when it 1st came out and then quit for over a year. I only started to get a free mount for World of Warcraft. When I returned, I played 2–3 months but quit again out of frustration of not being able to get past rank 2. Since then, I play 2 months, leave for 2–4 months, etc. This time around, I want to get better and push legend finally.