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Chris Ng

Mind the Trap

  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4
  • Core skills: Game design, blueprint coding, level design, Steam API integration, online networking, multiplayer camera
  • Accolades: Best Multiplayer Game (winner) and Best Game Design (nominee) at Casual Connect USA 2016
  • Links: Website, Steam Greenlight

Mind the Trap is a competitive co-operative dungeon party game where players play a series of platformer dungeons and minigames and compete for cheese.

This game began its roots in the 2015 Epic Megajam and has since evolved into a much fuller game that hopes to release in summer of 2017. This project is ultimately the culmination of everything I’ve learned in my two years of game development. Unique to this project however, I have learned the pains of making an online multiplayer game and the issues of learning how networking works form scratch. I also learned how a multiplayer shared camera can provide so many gamebreaking problems when players are unable to see where they are.

As of now, this project has been greenlit on Steam, and we hope to release it in Fall of 2017. Eventually we hope to port this game over to console as well.



I am a game developer with experience in game design, scripting, level design, and 3D art. I have led and participated in various projects and teams in games with a large variety of genres.

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