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ooOooOOOo is a alternate reality puzzle game/social experiment built with Michael Lee for the 2016 Global Game Jam. This game stars a ghost in a purgatory-like world, but the main mechanics of the game are actually outside the game itself. Every puzzle required the players to think outside the game, often venturing to websites or within the game’s own files themselves in order to reach the next puzzle.

This game was a practice in puzzle design as well as an interesting look at a game that looks outside of the box. By thinking outside the confines of the game, we had to consider how to use Unreal Engine itself to construct puzzles outside of Unreal Engine. With this in mind, we looked to using links to websites as well as manipulating folders within the game directory in order to provide fun adventures such as mazes or hidden messages.

This was a particularly fun project due to it’s unusual nature and it was just as much fun seeing the reactions players had towards the game. Although the project was short and few got to play it, we never failed to impress those who did.

As of now, this project is on hiatus, but Michael and I have shown great interest in completing the project as a short two hour adventure, and releasing it online someday.

You can read more about the creation and thought process behind the design of ooOooOOOo here.



I am a game developer with experience in game design, scripting, level design, and 3D art. I have led and participated in various projects and teams in games with a large variety of genres.

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