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Chris Ng


  • Engines: Unity, Unreal Engine 4
  • Core skills: Game design, blueprint coding, javascript, 3D modeling and animation, level design, team leadership and organization
  • Genre: Fantasy action adventure

RUIN is a story driven action adventure game in a magical world where giant stone behemoths terrorize the landscape. This game was a collaborative effort by some members of the UC Davis Gamedev Club where I was the lead developer and coder as well as my second project overall in game development.

Ultimately this was a project whose scope was much too large for a group of aspiring students, but it was still a good lesson in leadership and management. Although this project resulted in nothing truly worthwhile, I did manage to pick up many skills in both Unity 4 as well as Unreal Engine 4 that I would later use in future projects. This game also taught a valuable lesson in judging the scope of a game and that while it is good to set your sights high, you should also be wary of what might or might not be possible in the time you have allowed.

As of now, this project is discontinued, but I do have interest in revisiting this project someday.



I am a game developer with experience in game design, scripting, level design, and 3D art. I have led and participated in various projects and teams in games with a large variety of genres.

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