White Rose

Christopher Ng
Jun 27, 2019 · 2 min read
  • Engine: Unity 4
  • Core skills: Game design, javascript, 3D modeling and animations, UI, particles and special effects
  • Accolades: Rank #129 out of 3000, graphics score 4.2 out of 5
  • Genre: Music-based synesthetic beat-em-up
  • Link: https://dissonent.itch.io/white-rose

White Rose is a synesthetic music-based beat-em-up where every blow would paint the landscape in color. This game was made by me and my brother, Kenneth Ng, and was our entry to Ludum Dare 34 where the theme was “growing” and we achieved rank #129 out of 3000 in the Graphics category.

This game was a practice in visual design and special effects for me. We spent only one day on this game, and opted to spend more efforts in created a polished look for a game with a relatively simple combat system. The art starred a 3D modeled main character in a 2D pixel environment to give a clear disconnect between the character, and his synesthetic world created by music. The game begins with a soft fade-in of the music as well as the background to signify the creation of the landscape by sound, and with each blow to these imaginary monsters, we see colorful splotches paint the landscape. By the end of the experience, the player sees a work of art by his own creation, where colors indicate where his battles had taken place.

As of now, this project is discontinued, but may be revisited someday.

You can read more about the creation and thought process behind White Rose here.

Chris Ng

I am a game developer with experience in game design…

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