5 Top Ways to Close That Sale

The ability to close deals is a skill that is likely to be extremely valuable for your business. While some natural talent is required, there are also some simple rules you can use to help your sales. This can help your bottom line considerably.

Let Them Talk

A new study has shown that the more the customer talks. the better the rapport. This study was undertaken by an A.I. company called Gong.IO. Simply put, the higher the word count the better the chance to close the sales. By observing the words, tonality, and body language, we can adjust our presentation to fit the customer. When trying to close a sale, Chris Pintek does what he can to have the customer talking to him. Developing customer rapport in this way is beneficial to him in the short term and the long term.


The average salesman finds silence as a negative. Silence is not a bad thing, though. What happens when silence takes place? Salesmen and saleswoman jump to the first ramble of some previous customer review or a story of the personal use of the product or service. Let the situation breathe. Allow the customer to gather their thoughts. Take a moment to observe the language and adjust your own script. A simple question to get the customer talking works. “You seem to look confused. Can I clear some things up?”

Be Unique

There are usually guidelines for any script or presentation for every product and service. They are taught because they’ve had success in creating sales in the past. These methods do not last forever, though. In an ever-changing pace and business methods, there needs to be changes. Your voice is unique. It is your tool for delivery. With every new customer, change the script. Meet the person where they are. Some customers may need an aggressive approach while others need a little coaxing. With the right touch of silence combined with your unique voice and script, you can provide the right methods to close the sale. Don’t copy the next salesman or saleswoman. Take a risky approach and improvise. The talent is there for you already.

Supply and Demand

Emphasize heavily on the demand. If you’ve developed customer rapport, ask a couple questions, allow some silence, put your own twist with your unique voice; it’s time to recalibrate the reason why the customer is there in the first place. Whatever their reason is, put word infliction on keywords to your supply and how it fits the demand again. Be unique. Project a future with the product. Chris Pintek with his business in Fort Worth, Texas has a specific supply for celebratory events. Keep things simple.

Walk Them Through the Process

You will need to lead the customer through the process of buying from you. They’ve spoken with you. You have gained the understanding as to why they are there in person or on the phone or online. You’ve used your unique voice. Even hit another home run with the circle around on supply and demand. Now it’s time you lead the customer in a process. Wherever you are in the presentation, walk them through it. Let them know what the next step is. Lay it out for them in simple terms as to what’s next.

This creates comfortability and builds more rapport. This is not to be done in an aggressive way but as a coaxing to see if the customer is held back with a concern. In the rental business, like his business in Fort Worth, Texas by Chris Pintek it’s imperative to walk the customer through the process because of all the moving parts in his business.