Leaders Lean In.

Have you ever heard someone say something to you that was not quite easily understood? Maybe they were mumbling or they were whispering, but for some reason you just could not hear them. If you’re like me, your body posture changes and you lean in. You position yourself closer to the person you’re interacting with so you can gain an understanding of what they are trying to say.

That’s what leaders are called to do. They’re called to lean in. As a leader, you will be given the honor to take a person or a group of people where they have never gone before. To do that, you need to lean in to the Holy Spirit to obtain clarity of the vision and direction The Lord wants you to go. To lead people, you need to care for them … lean in and listen to them. Lean in when they need you. Lean in when they succeed and lean in when they fail. People need a leader who is willing to take part in what is happening and a leader who will not “escape” when things become difficult.

Leaning in requires you to remove yourself and focus on the person or people you’re investing in to. It requires you to listen to others… not for your gain, but for their success.

Leaning in means that you are willing to encourage collaboration, having conversations that are interactive. Leaning in means that you are willing to set boundaries and guides all for the purpose of accountability. Leaning in requires that you engage in meaningful and tangible ways with the people you work or do ministry with.

What you value, will grow. Growth happens as leaders lean in.

Here are some “Lean In” Tips:

  1. Schedule time aside to meet with your team members or leadership team for the purpose of hearing what’s on their heart. This can be individual or as a group. It’s a time where they have the speaking floor. You observe and listen. This is a great time to let them share stories and a great time for you to get a better understanding of them.
  2. Implement a development plan for the personal leadership growth of your team. This can be done in the form of Goal Setting. Personal and professional Goals. There are many tools out there that can help shape this effort. One in particular is http://develop.me.
  3. Recognize someone for a job well done! This is usually best done by you directly and in public. If you can’t be the only person to do so, that’s okay, just make sure there’s a plan in place to recognize great performance.
  4. Practice what you preach. Who is the person you allow to lean in when you need it most?

This list is by no means an exhaustive list. It’s only a few of what is probably MANY ways you can lean in as a leader.

Just remember this one thing — as a leader, you must lean in. If you escape, there will be no one around to lead.

Do you need help evaluating your team? Understanding personalities and setting development plans in place? I can help with your staff health and team development! Email me for more information!