A Call to Reflect Christ

11th FEBRUARY 2022

Christ for Youth International

Our acceptance of Christ and of the Christian faith is a call to reflect Christ in all His glory. A call to be accurate representatives of Him as He was of the Father so that when others see us, they will glorify God. We are not left to our own devices in deciphering how to be like Christ and how to reflect God’s glory. The Bible is replete with principles and advice to guide us on our journey of faith.

In our verse for today, we receive one such nugget of wisdom. We are advised to live as wise people and not as unwise people. A brief read of the entire chapter quickly reveals what it means to live as a wise person. We are to imitate God, live in love and avoid any sort or form of fornication, impurity, or greed. Our speech should not be obscene or vulgar, and we should expose the darkness.

While these look relatively easy to accomplish, they require nuanced intentionality and dedication to be carried out daily. If we are to imitate God, then we must study His word to have accurate knowledge on who He says He is, and on His character. To live in love sounds great until you have to show love to an ungrateful and uncharitable person, who will most certainly not appreciate your efforts.

Avoiding fornication, impurity and greed require you to deny your flesh at every turn. Yet while these are no easy feats, what does the wise person do? He/She spends time learning more of God’s Word, so they can imitate Him in practising love at all times and in obeying the principles in the Bible. Thus, they can bury the flesh and truly worship in Spirit and Truth. None of these things come automatically. We must determine to live like this, to spend our time in this manner. We must determine to live as wise people.

Further Reading: John 12:35

Bible In One Year: Leviticus [11–14]



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Daily devotional of Christ for Youth International (CYI)