All Night Long

22 JULY 2022

Christ for Youth International

Jesus was a man of prayer. Several texts in the Bible point to this fact. He kept in constant communication with God at all times. He made time for prayer. He scheduled ideal times and locations to pray, as our text for today tells us.

Jesus’s disciples observed His prayer life and wisely asked Him to teach them how to pray like Him, which birthed the Lord’s Prayer as we refer to it in Luke 11:1–4. In the same vein, as self-proclaimed disciples of Christ, we ought to emulate His posture towards prayer. We need to learn as Jesus did. When we do, prayer will no longer seem like a chore or a religious duty, but a genuinely intimate and exciting conversation with the Father.

In the text for today, we see that Jesus so enjoyed communicating with the Father and understood His need for it, such that He continued praying all night. Imagine that; no powerful “spirit-inducing” keys being played in the background, no minstrel singing songs to persuade you into the Father’s presence, no prayer warrior giving you prayer points intermittently and encouraging you ‘ Don’t Stop, keep pushing, pray pray pray.’ None of it.

Jesus went into the mountains with no distractions and just proceeded to speak with His Father all night long. Trust that you too can enjoy such a wonderful experience with God. You certainly have the capacity for it: many of us spend hours speaking with friends and stay up all night chatting with our loved ones — (many of us).

As disciples of Jesus, let us resolve to imitate His prayer life and to come to a place where we no longer see prayer as a religious function, but as an intimate part of our relationship with God. That is soul-refreshing and spirit-invigorating.

Further Reading: Matthew 14:23

Bible In One Year: Isaiah [50–53]

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