Be Grateful Always

24th DECEMBER 2020

Christ for Youth International

As the year comes to an end, what are the things you are grateful to God for? We can easily focus our attention on our many needs and forget the great things God has done for us. Have you spent time counting your blessings for the year 2021? Do this, and you will begin to realize how God has been really good to you this year.

We must be grateful to God for the gift of life. Being alive is an indication that our story is not over yet! Many people started the year with us but have passed on along the way. You are alive today because God has given you life. It is not because we took very good care of ourselves that we are alive, it is because He has watched over us. We have escaped various accidents and traps of the enemy.

We must be grateful to God for His presence in our lives. He said, He will never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). God with us is a guarantee that tomorrow is going to be better. We see a perfect example of this in Joseph’s life. Joseph faced many challenges on his way to fulfilling purpose. He went through hard times. He went through various disappointments and betrayals. But throughout his journey, it is recorded that “God was with Joseph.”

It is not about how tough your journey is. What matters is the one who is on the journey with you.

Maybe, you are going through very challenging times. Maybe this year was a downtime for you. We must however look beyond our various circumstances and fix our eyes on God who is with us. What God has done for us is an indication of what He is about to do! People who thank God are people of faith. They are those who know that the God who has brought them this far will bring them to an expected end.

Spend some time thanking God as the year is about to end. Show Him your gratitude for all He has done.

Further Reading: Isaiah 63:7

Prophetic Declaration: Psalm 91

Christ for Youth International



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